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American honor society for chemical engineering students

Omega Chi Epsilon
Founded Spring, 1931
University of Illinois
Type Honor
Affiliation ACHS
Emphasis Chemical engineering
Scope National
Motto Ode Chrototos Eggegramai
“In this Society, professionalism is engraved in our minds.”
Colors   Black,   White and   Maroon
Symbol Retort, Integer and Lightning bolt
Chapters 80
Members 30,000 lifetime
Headquarters Omega Chi Epsilon
c/o Dr. Richard A. Davis
Executive Secretary
Chemical Engineering Dept., University of Minnesota Duluth
176 Engineering Building
1303 Ordean Ct

Duluth, MN 55812
Website Omega Chi Epsilon homepage

Omega Chi Epsilon (or ΩΧΕ, sometimes simplified to OXE) is an American honor society for chemical engineering students.


The first chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon was formed at the University of Illinois in 1931 by a group of chemical engineering students. These Founders were:

  • F. C. Howard
  • A. Garrell Deem
  • Ethan M. Stifle
  • John W. Bertetti [1]

They were aided in their efforts by professors D.B. Keyes and Norman Krase. The second chapter was formed at the Iowa State University in 1932.[2]

The Society grew slowly at first. Baird’s Manual indicates there were six chapters by 1957, of which three were inactive. However interest was revived in the 1960 which allowed a period of sustained growth that has continued to the present day. There are approximately 80 active chapters of the society as of 2021.

Omega Chi Epsilon amended its constitution to permit women to become members as of 1966.[2]

The organization became a member of the Association of College Honor Societies in 1967.[2]

Membership is limited to chemical engineering juniors, seniors and graduate students. Associate membership may be offered to professors or other members of the staff of institutions within the field.[2]


The Society’s annual meeting is held at the same time and place as the annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Governance is vested in a national president, vice-president, executive secretary and treasurer. With the immediate past president, these constitute the Executive Committee.[1]

National officers[edit]

  • President – Dr. Christi Patton-Luks, Missouri Science and Technology
  • Vice-president – Dr. Troy Vogel, University of Notre Dame
  • Treasurer – Dr. G. Glenn Lipscomb, University of Toledo
  • Executive Secretary – Dr. Richard A. Davis, University of Minnesota at Duluth [1]

Symbolism and traditions[edit]

The Society’s badge is a black Maltese cross background, on which is superimposed a circular crest. The crest bears the letters ΩΧΕ on a white band passing across the horizontal midline. Above the white band are two crossed retorts rendered in gold on a maroon background. Below the white band are a gold integral sign and a bolt of lightning. These symbols are noted to represent the roles of chemistry, mathematics and physics in chemical engineering.

The Society’s official seal is made of two concentric circles, bearing at the top, center the words Omega Chi Epsilon with the words Founded, 1931 at the bottom center. The letters of the society appear in the center of the seal.

The Society’s colors are black, white and maroon.

Chapter traditions of service to their chemical engineering departments commonly prevail rather than broader, national traditions.[2]

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