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Flag Date Recognition? Use Ceremonial County Description Flag of Bath.png Interpretation There are other interpretations.[48] c.1568 (Arms)[49] No Banner of arms of Bath
(City and unitary authority) Somerset In chief two Bars wavy argent on a blue field, below, embattled, a wall gules masoned with crosses Sable, charged with all a Sword erect Argent and hilt Or. Birmingham City Flag.svg Official community design[50] 2015 Yes

Council (as community flag)

Flag of Birmingham
(City and Metropolitan borough) West Midlands Golden vertical zig-zag offset to hoist dividing blue and red, with a bulls head in the centre. Updated in 2015 from the 1977 banner of arms. Flag of Bradford.png Interpretation 1847 (Arms)[51] No Banner of arms of Bradford
(City and metropolitan borough) West Yorkshire A Chevron engrailed or charged with a well sable between three Bugle Horns stringed Or on a red and blue field per pale. Brighton Flag.png Interpretation 1897 (Arms)[52] No Banner of arms of Brighton & Hove
(City and unitary authority). East Sussex Two dolphins sable on a white field with six martlets or set on a bordure azure, representing the County of Sussex. Bristol Flag.jpg Interpretation 1569 (Arms)[53] No Banner of arms of Bristol
(City and unitary authority). County of Bristol A white castle (to the right) on a grassy cliff adjacent to the sea with a ship, depicting the port of Bristol. Flag of the City of Cambridge.png Interpretation 1575 (Arms)[54] No Banner of arms of Cambridge
(City and non-metropolitan district) Cambridgeshire A Bridge of one arch surmounted by three Towers Or in chief a Fleur-de-Lys Or between two Roses Argent on a red field. Below, three Ships sable each with one mast and yardarm the sail furled also Sable on two lines wavy on a Cambridge Blue field. Flag of Canterbury.png Interpretation c.1380 (Arms)[55] No Banner of arms of Canterbury
(City and non-metropolitan district). Kent Chief gules a lion passant guardant or with three cornish choughs sable on a white field. Flag of Carlisle.png Interpretation 1924* (Arms)[56] No Banner of arms of Carlisle
(City and non-metropolitan district) Cumbria A Cross patée Gules between for Roses Gules charged with a Rose of the field or upon a yellow field. *The city previously had two unofficial arms since before the 16th century but only one was officiated in 1924. Flag of Chelmsford.png Interpretation 1975 (Arms)[57] No Banner of arms of Chelmsford
(City and non-metropolitan district) Essex Chief indented Gules with a Saltire between two Mullets all Argent, below three Bars wavy Azure on a white field. Flag of Chester.png Interpretation c.1250 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Chester
(City and unitary authority when combined with Cheshire West). Cheshire Three garbs chevronwise or with a sword gules and proper on a blue field. Flag of Chichester.png Interpretation 1570 (Arms)[58] No Banner of arms of Chichester
(City and civil parish) West Sussex A Chief Gules with a Lion passant guardant Or over a white field with 14 droplets of blood (Guttée-de-Sang). Coventry city flag.svg Official design 2018[59] Yes

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Flag of Coventry
(City and metropolitan borough). West Midlands Silhouette of Lady Godiva on a white field with two stripes in the traditional shade of Coventry Blue. Updated in 2018 from the 1345 arms flag depicting an Elephant.[60] Flag of Derby.png Interpretation 1378 (Arms)[61] No Banner of arms of Derby
(City and unitary authority). Derbyshire On a Mount Vert within Park Palings, a Buck lodged between two Oak Trees on a white field. Image shows the arms stylised in a 2D fashion from a ground level perspective. Flag of Durham.svg 1615 (Arms) Flag of Durham
(City and civil parish) County Durham A red cross outlined in white on a black field.[citation needed] Flag of Ely.png Interpretation 1290 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Ely
(City and civil parish) Cambridgeshire Three coronets ducal chevronwise on a red field. Exeter Flag.png Interpretation 1564 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Exeter
(City and non-metropolitan district) Devon Black and Red field per pale with a castle or. Gloucester Flag.png Interpretation 1652 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Gloucester
(City and non-metropolitan district) Gloucestershire Three chevronels gules interspaced with ten roundels in a 3-3-3-1 pattern on a straw yellow field. Flag of Hereford.png Interpretation 1645 (Arms)[62] No Banner of arms of Hereford
(City and civil parish) Herefordshire Three Lions passant guardant in pale Argent on a red field, set in a Bordure Azure with ten Saltires argent . Flag of Kingston-upon-Hull.png Interpretation c.1500 (Arms)[63] No Banner of arms of Kingston-upon-Hull
(City and unitary authority) East Riding of Yorkshire Three coronets ducal pale or on a blue field. Flag of Lancaster.png Interpretation c.1300, officially 1907 (Arms)[64] No Banner of arms of Lancaster
(City and non-metropolitan district) Lancashire Field per fess Blue and Red, in chief a Fleur-de-Lis and in base a Lion passant guardant, both Or. Flag of Leeds.png Interpretation 1662 (Arms)[65] No Banner of arms of Leeds
(City and metropolitan borough) West Yorkshire Chief sable with three mullets argent over a fleece or on a blue field. Flag of the City of Leicester.png Interpretation 1619 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Leicester
(City and unitary authority). Leicestershire An ermine cinquefoil on a red field. Flag of Lichfield.png Interpretation 1950 (Arms)[66] No Banner of arms of Lichfield
(City and civil parish) Staffordshire Chequey of nine, Or a Chevron Gules, and Ermine, the former representing the County of Staffordshire and the ancient Stafford family. Flag of Lincoln.svg Interpretation c.1400 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Lincoln
(City and Borough). Lincolnshire A red cross on a white field, charged with a gold fleur-de-lis. Flag of Liverpool.png Interpretation 1797 (Arms)[67] No Banner of arms of Liverpool
(City and metropolitan borough) Merseyside The banner of arms as shown depicts a cormorant or shag known as a Liverbird with seaweed proper in its mouth on a white field. This is currently used as an unofficial city flag, however, a competition is currently running to replace this with an official registered flag.[68] Flag of Manchester.png Interpretation 1842 (Arms)[69] No Banner of arms of Manchester
(City and metropolitan borough) Greater Manchester White and red per fesse with an English ship under sail proper on Waves of the Sea above and three Bendlets Or below. Flag of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.png Interpretation 1575 (Arms)[70] No Banner of arms of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
(City and metropolitan borough) Tyne & Wear Three castles argent on a red field. (Variant in Image with Northumberland Stripes Gules and or). Flag of Norwich.png Interpretation c.1562 (Arms)[71] No Banner of arms of Norwich
(City and non-metropolitan district) Norfolk A red cross on a white field, charged with the arms of Norwich; gules a castle argent in base a lion passant guardant or. The arms charged upon the cross of St George is more popularly used than the banner of arms, as the city has strong links with St George; the patron saint of its cathedral. Flag of Nottingham.png Interpretation 1614 (Arms)[72] No Banner of arms of Nottingham
(City and unitary authority) Nottinghamshire A ragged Cross couped proper between two Ducal Coronets in chief Or the lower limb of the Cross enfiled with a like Coronet on a red field. Oxford Banner of Arms.png Interpretation c.1400 (Arms)[73] No Banner of arms of Oxford
(City and non-metropolitan borough) Oxfordshire An Ox Gules armed and unguled Or passing over a Ford of Water in base barry wavy Azure and Argent on a white field. Peterborough Arms Flag.png Interpretation 1960 (Arms)[74] No Banner of arms of Peterborough
(City and unitary authority) Cambridgeshire Two Keys in saltire Or enfiled by a Mural Crown Argent on an indigo field. Flag of Plymouth.jpg 1620 (Arms) Flag of Plymouth
(City and unitary authority)[citation needed] Devon Arms of Plymouth City Council set on a red field. City Flag of Portsmouth.svg 1194 (Arms)[75] No Banner of arms of Portsmouth
(City and unitary authority) Hampshire A crescent of gold on a shade of azure, with a blazing star of eight points. Preston town flag.svg 2012[76] Flag of Preston
(City and non-metropolitan district) Lancashire A Paschal Lamb couchant Argent supporting a Cross-Staff Or taken from the coat of arms of c.1613[77] on a white cross, enlaid with a blue cross, on a blue field. Ripon Flag.png Interpretation Unknown No Banner of arms of Ripon
(City and civil parish) North Yorkshire Horn of Ripon or with ribbons sable set on a red field. Flag of Salford.png Interpretation 1844 (Arms)[78] No Banner of arms of Salford
(City and metropolitan borough) Greater Manchester A Chief Or with a Bale corded proper between two Mill-Rinds sable over a field of blue with Seven Bees, a shuttle and three Garbs all Or. Salisbury Flag.svg Interpretation c.1400 (Arms)[79] No Banner of arms of Salisbury
(City and civil parish) Wiltshire Four bars or on a light blue field. Sheffield Flag.png Interpretation 1875 (Arms)[80] No Banner of arms of Sheffield
(City and unitary authority) South Yorkshire Green and Blue field per fesse with eight Arrows interlaced saltirewise banded Argent above and three Garbs fessewise Or below. Flag of Southampton.png Recognised design 2017[81] Flag of Southampton
(City and unitary authority) Hampshire An anchor and Tudor Rose on a red and white field. Updated in 2017 from the arms flag of 1575.[82] Flag of Southend-on-Sea.png Interpretation 1915 (Arms)[83] No Banner of arms of Southend-on-Sea
(City and unitary authority) Essex A Pile Argent with a Flower Vase issuing therefrom a spray of Lilies proper between on the dexter an Anchor erect, on the sinister a Grid-iron, and in base a Trefoil slipped, all Or, on a sea blue field. Saint Alban's cross.svg Interpretation 1634 (Arms) Banner of arms of St Albans
(City and district) Hertfordshire The Cross of St Alban – A gold saltire on a blue field. Flag of Stoke-on-Trent.png Interpretation 1912 (Arms)[84] No Banner of arms of Stoke-on-Trent
(City and unitary authority) Staffordshire The six towns that make up the city are represented, albeit slightly modified from the coat of arms to fit a rectangular flag. These are: a line fess Gules fretty Or to represent Burslem between in the first sixth an eagle displayed argent to represent Stoke-upon-Trent, in the second a Stafford knot Or to represent Staffordshire, in the third a Camel kneeling sable to represent Hanley, in the fourth on the Portland Vase sable to represent Fenton, in the fifth a Boar’s Head Or to represent Longton and in the sixth a Scythe argent and proper to represent Tunstall. Flag of Sunderland.png Interpretation 1992 (Arms) No Banner of arms of Sunderland
(City and metropolitan district) Tyne & Wear Chief and in base two bars wavy Argent and a Crown flory Or the circlet charged with four Saltires couped Gules on a blue field. Flag of Truro.png Interpretation 1877 (Arms)[85] No Banner of arms of Truro
(City and civil parish) Cornwall An Ancient Cornish Ship of three Masts under sail Or on a red field, below the Sea proper and in base two Fish naiant in pale also proper. Flag of Wakefield.png Interpretation c.1470 (Arms)[86] No Banner of arms of Wakefield
(City and metropolitan borough) West Yorkshire Fleur de lys or fimbriated ermine on a blue field. Flag of Wells.png Interpretation c. 1500, officially 1954 (Arms)[87] No Banner of arms of Wells
(City and civil parish) Somerset In base a mount vert, thereon an ash tree proper between three wells gules on a white field. Flag of Westminster.png Interpretation 1601 (Arms)[88] No Banner of arms of Westminster
(City and Greater London borough) Greater London A Chief azure with a Cross flory between five Martlets, the Arms of King Edward the Confessor, Or between two United Roses Gules and Argent above a Portcullis Or on a blue field. Winchester Flag.png Interpretation c.1600 (Arms)[89] No Banner of arms of Winchester
(City and non-metropolitan borough) Hampshire Five Castles triple towered in saltire Argent masoned proper the Portcullis of each part-raised Or and on either side of the castle in fess point a Lion passant guardant that to the dexter contourné or on a red field. Flag of Wolverhampton.png Interpretation 1848 (Arms)[90] No Banner of arms of Wolverhampton
(City and metropolitan borough) West Midlands A cross formée Or representing St. Wulfrun who founded the city in 985AD between a pillar in the first quarter, a woolpack in the second , an open book in the third, all argent, and in the fourth a padlock or on a claret field. Flag of Worcester.png Interpretation 1575 (Arms)[91] No Banner of arms of Worcester
(City and non-metropolitan district) Worcestershire Banner of two arms. The first, a three-towered castle argent piercing a black and red quartered field. The second, a fess sable between three pears sable, two above and one below, on a white field, the second was bade by Queen Elizabeth I in 1575 to be added to the coat of arms. Flag of York.svg Interpretation c.1350 (Arms) No Banner of arms of York
(City and unitary authority) North Yorkshire A red cross on a white field charged with five gold “leopards” (lions passant guardant).