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Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (横浜・八景島シーパラダイス, Yokohama Hakkeijima Shīparadaisu) is an amusement park consisting of an aquarium, shopping mall, hotel, marina and amusement rides. It is located in Hakkeijima, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. It opened for business on May 8, 1993.

It is a pay-as-you-go theme park, having no gates or admission charges. Visitors have the option of buying a day pass or paying for each attraction separately. With 4,770,000 visitors in 2007, it ranks sixth among Asian amusement parks in terms of attendance.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.[edit]

In March 1988, the business was started by nine companies centered on Seibu Group and Prince Hotel.Established Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc. Yokohama City will create an artificial island, Hakkeijima, and rent a part of it to Yokohama Hakkeijima Co., Ltd., which will start operations on May 8, 1993.

Yokohama Hakkeijima is a Seibu Group company, and besides The following facilities operate, manage.[1]

Aqua Resorts[edit]

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Aqua Resorts
Hakkeijima Aquamuseum.jpg

Aqua Museum
Date opened May 1993 (1993-05)
No. of animals 120,000[2]
No. of species 700[2]
Memberships JAZA
Major exhibits “Aqua Museum”
“Dolphin fantasy”

“Fureai Lagoon”
“Umi Farm”
Management Yokohama Hakkeijima[3]

Aqua Resorts is a Public Aquarium located in Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. It consists of 4 facilities.[4]

Aqua Museum[edit]

“Understanding all the creatures of the sea-Five Experience Lab-”

It is a large aquarium with a pyramid-like appearance. The floors are up to the 5th floor, with exhibits on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors, and LABO12 “Fishes Living in the Rich Forest, the Source of the Sea” and the Aqua Theater on the 5th floor. The second floor is off-limits to the general public.

Whale Shark has been open to the public since October 5, 2010. It was the first whale shark having and exhibition facility in eastern Japan. Since he died, he has not exhibited since 2019.[5][6]

Total floor area 18,000 m2 (190,000 sq ft)
total tank vol 12,000,000 litres (3,170,000 US gal)

  • LABO1″The Sea of Beginnings”
  • LABO2″Sea Jewel Shellium”
  • LABO3″Animal evolved in the sea”
  • LABO4″Animal living in the sea of ice”
  • LABO5″Schools Herd living in vast expanse of sea and sparkling fish “
  • LABO6″The sea and creatures receiving the blessings of the sun”
  • LABO7″Unknown Submarine Canyon Deep Sea Rium”
  • LABO8″Enchanted fish lurking in the sea at night”
  • LABO9″Kurageri Umu”
  • LABO10″Fishes that color coral reefs”
  • LABO11″Forestium”
  • LABO12″Fishes living in the rich forest, the source of the sea”

Aqua stadium

  • “Ecology show pool” (outdoor water tank, water volume 3,503,000 litres (925,000 US gal))
  • “Research Pool 1” (outdoor water tank, water volume 1,221,000 litres (323,000 US gal))
  • “Research Pool 2” (outdoor water tank, water volume 588,000 litres (155,000 US gal))
  • “Breeding pool” (outdoor water tank, water volume 235,000 litres (62,000 US gal))
  • “Treatment pool” (outdoor water tank, water volume 74,000 litres (20,000 US gal))
  • Sea Video Museum / Aqua Theater (720-inch Digital Hi-Vision Theater 130 seats)


Dolphin fantasy[edit]

“The world of dreams and healing delivered by dolphins” An aquarium centered on dolphin and Ocean Sunfish exhibits that opened on July 16, 2004. It consists of a tunnel-shaped water tank and a cylindrical water tank. total tank vol 1,120,000 litres (296,000 US gal)

  • “Arch aquarium” (water volume 742,000 litres (196,000 US gal))
  • “Cylindrical aquarium” (water volume 378,000 litres (100,000 US gal))


Fureai Lagoon[edit]

“Contact with sea creatures”
It was opened on July 27, 2007. The edge of the aquarium is designed to be low so that people can observe the see animals on display up close.

Therefore, when a dolphin or whale makes an unexpected jump, it may be sprayed.

Total water volume 3,700,000 litres (977,000 US gal)


Umi Farm[edit]

“Aquarium with the concept of” sea education “” opened on March 8, 2013. A facility with the theme of “Umiiku” where you can learn about the sea by observing fish and seaweed.

Total area about 7,300 m2 (79,000 sq ft) 2
There are two areas, “Food Education Zone” and “Ocean Lab”.
“Food education zone” An area where you can learn about the sea through fishing and eating.

  • Fishing square
  • Karatto Kitchen
  • Seafood & Grill YAKIYA
  • Ocean Lab
  • Sea so deck
  • Submarine research


In film[edit]

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is seen destroyed by Godzilla in the Kaiju film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla.


About 90 animals died while rare deep-sea creatures were being transferred from an outside laboratory to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. The cause of the death seems to be that the water temperature rose due to a mechanical failure, but it received a lot of criticism from animal rights groups. Also, In 2019, the protected whale shark was died in two months, causing controversy.[10][6]


The concept is “amusement park in the sea that you can enjoy all day long”. It is installed here and there on the island, and many of them have the motif of the sea.


Height-restricted attractions[edit]

120 cm or more

  • Surf Coaster Leviathan
  • Marine cart fantasia

110 cm or more

  • Aqua Ride II ~ Treasure Hunting Adventure ~

95 cm or more

  • Flight Eagle
  • Butterfly der


Attractions with no height restrictions[edit]

There are age and other restrictions. It depends on each attraction.

  • Blue Sky Climbing ROCKN ROCK
  • Giant three-dimensional maze Dekkai
  • Sea boat

A boat-type attraction that allows you to drive in the natural sea next to “Umi Farm”

  • Sea Paradise Tower
  • Merry-go-round
  • Bubble shooting
  • Red Baron
  • Sea Train
  • Pleasure boat Paradise Cruise






Attractions that are already closed[edit]

  • Blue fall
  • Surf coaster
  • Water shoot
  • Splashute
  • Octopus
  • Drunken Barrel
  • Peter Pan
  • Kids Adventure
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Golden treasure hunt, pirate legend, cursed skeleton island
  • Sea Para Walk Rally “Sea Para Detectives”
  • Kids Pirates
  • Waku Waku Kids Park
  • Mini Express
  • Seabo
  • Golden treasure hunt, LAST PANIC
  • Ice country
  • Hospital enthusiast, hunt for treasure on glitter island
  • Triple 3 Mission
  • Mirror Maze
  • Sea Para Kids Town

Adjacent facility[edit]

The sea seen from inside the facility.

Restaurant & Fastfood[edit]

  • Seafood & Grill YAKIYA
  • Hawaiian Cafe & Restaurant Merengue
  • La Tarafuku
  • Booze cafe
  • Shiosai Cuisine Yasuke
  • Manjare
  • Breeze
  • Seaside oasis
  • Dolphin
  • Cable car coffee
  • Marion Crepe
  • Kobara Cafe
  • Toge Dairy Industry 63 ℃


Shop & amusement[edit]

  • Jinbei SHOP
  • Aqua Museum shop
  • Big wave
  • Frendia
  • Delphis
  • Shell garden
  • Mihama Beach Girl
  • Souvenir shop Kofuku
  • M Cabin
  • Fresh loose
  • Sea Paradise dice Food Museum
  • Puku Puku Island
  • Banana Moon
  • Ocean club
  • MIRAI building
  • Aqua blue
  • Fantasy shop




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