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Beach community of Encinitas in California, United States

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, usually referred to as Cardiff, is a beach community in the incorporated city of Encinitas in San Diego County, California. The Pacific Ocean is to the west of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, the rest of incorporated Encinitas is to the east and north, and a beach and lagoon to the south. With a population of under 12,000, Cardiff-by-the-Sea operates as part of the city of Encinitas, but unlike the other communities that comprise Encinitas, has its own ZIP code (92007). Cardiff is home to a few well-known surf spots, such as Swami’s and Cardiff Reef.


The first inhabitants were the Native Kumeyaay Indians, referred to as the Diegueño by the Spanish. In 1769 the Spanish started colonizing this area with the construction of the Spanish Missions. The First Settlement was by the MacKinnon family in 1875. In 1909 this farming community began to be developed when Boston developer J. Frank Cullen purchased land from the MacKinnons. For $30 a lot, one could buy land and build new homes.[2] Frank Cullen’s wife, a native of Cardiff, Wales, persuaded him to name the community “Cardiff-by-the Sea”, as well as many streets, such as “Birmingham”, “Oxford”, “Chesterfield” and “Manchester”, despite heavy Spanish influence in the area.[3] In 1986, “Cardiff” joined with the nearby communities of Leucadia, Olivenhain, and Encinitas to form the incorporated city of Encinitas.[4]

The Cardiff Composer District includes twelve streets named for musicians. It was developed by music publisher turned film producer turned real estate developer Victor Kremer (producer).


Cardiff is part of the city of Encinitas, which is governed by a five-member city council, elected at-large to staggered four-year terms at two-year intervals.

In the California State Legislature, Cardiff is in the 36th Senate District, represented by Republican Patricia Bates, and in the 76th Assembly District, represented by Democrat Tasha Boerner Horvath.[5]

In the United States House of Representatives, Cardiff is in California’s 49th congressional district, represented by Democrat Mike Levin.[6]

Cardiff School District[edit]

Cardiff has a school district consisting of two schools:[7]

Cardiff Reef[edit]

Cardiff Reef (“The Reef”) is a popular surf spot in Cardiff that produces waves both professional and novice surfers enjoy year round. Surfing at The Reef has progressed from just a few surfers in the 1950s to become one of the most popular surfing spots in San Diego County.[8] Cardiff Reef and nearby surf spots, Pipes and Seaside Reef, are famous for their smooth and consistent wave shape.

When the tide is low, a flat rock reef is revealed that extends 50 yards from shore. Exploring these tide pools is a popular activity for visitors of Cardiff.


According to the 2010 Census, Cardiff-by-the-Sea is 72% white, 20% Hispanic, 3% Asian, 1% African-American and 4% Other [9]

Stand-Up Paddle surfers at Cardiff Reef in Encinitas, California.

Notable residents[edit]

  • Mark Allen, former professional triathlete[10]
  • Scott Eastwood, actor[citation needed]
  • Lili Simmons, actress
  • Jon Foreman, singer/guitarist for Switchfoot[citation needed]
  • Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, professional skateboarder[citation needed]
  • Chalmers Johnson, historian and author of the Blowback trilogy[citation needed]
  • Jonathan Jones, singer for the bands Waking Ashland and We Shot the Moon[citation needed]
  • Frances Lee, silent film actress (deceased 2000)[citation needed]
  • Rob Machado, professional surfer[citation needed]
  • Kirk McCaskill, retired major league baseball pitcher[citation needed]
  • Emily Ratajkowski, actress[citation needed]
  • Lukas Gage, actor[citation needed]
  • Marion Ross, actress[citation needed]
  • Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine[citation needed]
  • Bob Haro, former freestyle BMX rider turned artist and business executive. He is the founder of Haro Bikes and was one of the most important early innovators of BMX freestyle.[citation needed]
  • Guenter Seidel, 3 time Olympic Bronze Medalist Dressage

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