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Hans-Jörg Holubitschka, Chiemsee, Oil on Canvas, 130 cm x 160cm, 1999

Hans-Jörg Holubitschka (born 29 July 1960 in Seltzer, Westerwald) – 16 December 2016 Düsseldorf)[citation needed] was a German painter. He studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Holubitschka lived and worked in Düsseldorf. At the Ruhrakademie in Schwerte he taught the subject painting.

After leaving school, Hans-Jörg Holubitschka went on the recommendation of his former art teacher at the high school to Düsseldorf to study from 1980 to 1988 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of Gerhard Richter. There he met other students, for example his fellow painter Thomas Bernstein. Other later fellow artists with whom he already be friends during the Academy times, as Stefan Demary, Heinz Hausmann, Bernard Lokai and more accompanied him on his other artistic projects.

After finishing his studies, Hans-Jörg Holubitschka devoted to the landscape painting. His favorite subjects are landscapes views among others in southern France, Italy, England with Scotland, Ireland, Spain, landscapes in Germany including his native Westerwald, but also the Swiss Alps and the Bavarian Alps. The “Urban Landscapes” and cityscapes, he has painted, include the following cities: Düsseldorf, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Orvieto, Mallorca, Rome and Venice. Since the year 2012, he also dealt with the theme of cultural landscape. For this purpose, it is one of the artificially designed landscapes, such as golf course landscapes. He has implemented picturesque new visual landscapes of the following places: The Fifteens (Düsseldorf Golf Club), The Seventh (Hubbelrath Golf Club), Princeville Hawaii, St Andrews Scotland, Oubaai (South Africa) and Les Dunes United States.

Hans-Jörg Holubitschka did not paint the representational quality of a landscape. The landscape was the medium for him to give the viewer a familiar motif access to its “soul pictures”. He made use of color and its composition possibilities as an instrument to mental states to express. His images reflect in their color effects and excesses of the painter of the American Color Field painting like Mark Rothko, Barnet Newman or Clyfford Still. While these painters moved in perfect abstract space, it took Hans-Jörg Holubutischka, figurative elements of the landscape into abstract color fields to convert.


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