List of Angry Video Game Nerd episodes

Episode name Length Release date Episode Summary / Notes Wizard of Oz 3: Dorothy Goes to Hell 23:00 June 11, 2006 James Rolfe and Mike Matei take part in a spoof, animated sequel of both The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz.

Notes: Although technically not a video involving the Nerd, two characters from the film would later go on to feature in the AVGN series.

The Anger Begins 1:28 September 29, 2006 Footage from a 1988 home video of a young James Rolfe, getting angry at his Super Mario Bros. game on his birthday. AVGN Extra – E3 2007 3:42 July 21, 2007 The Nerd recalls the events of GameTrailers flying him to E3. What Was I Thinking? 10:16 November 10, 2007 A short biopic included on the AVGN Volume 1 DVD. Top Ten Nerd Moments 2007 9:23 January 1, 2008 A look back to the top ten best moments from the 2007 series of Angry Video Game Nerd. AVGN responds to the Nostalgia Critic! 2:02 June 12, 2008 The Nerd decides to make his response to the rants made by the Critic, as part of their feud. AVGN: E3 recap 2008 5:32 July 19, 2008 The Nerd heads out to the E3 event for 2008, and takes a moment to recap some of his favourite games. AVGN: PROMO – Deadly Towers: Special Episode 2:26 July 20, 2008 As the Nerd prepares for his upcoming review of Deadly Towers for the NES, James Rolfe takes a moment to challenge viewers and fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd to help with writing the episode. Bad Movie Review 7:28 July 28, 2008 As part of an agreement with the Critic, the Nerd prepares to tackle reviewing a bad movie – Ricky 1. Chronologically Confused About AC/DC 5:19 September 30, 2008 The Nerd rants about the inconsistency of available songs on the band’s international albums and those in its native Australia. Frankenstein Outtake 0:30 November 4, 2008 A look at the outtakes made during production of the AVGN Halloween special of Frankenstein. Cinemassacre 200 23:04 December 20, 2008 An autobiographic film. My NES Collection 6:15 March 7, 2009 James Rolfe gives an overview to viewers of his collection of NES games. Mike and I playing Odyssey 5:53 April 27, 2009 James and Mike play the Odyssey in preparation for the AVGN episode Magnavox Odyssey Ghostbusters Xbox 360 Review 6:46 August 13, 2009 James Rolfe gives his review of Ghostbusters: The Video Game for the Xbox 360.

Notes: This video included a brief cameo by Rolfe’s character, the Nerd.

Crazy Castle Outtake 4:42 August 20, 2009 A collection of outtakes made during production of the AVGN episode that reviewed the Crazy Castle series. The History of Super Mecha Death Christ 6:57 November 25, 2009 The Nerd gives viewers the history behind Super Mecha Death Christ 2000 BC 4.0 Beta. Top 20 AVGN Rants 15:48 March 17, 2010 As he takes a break, the Nerd takes this moment to pick his personal top 20 favourite rants he has made. Holiday Memories 13:30 December 7, 2010 The Nerd decides to revisits the holiday specials from the past four years that he made. Hanging Out in the Nerd Room 15:13 December 15, 2010 James Rolfe and Mike Matei take a walk around the Nerd Room used for filming of Angry Video Game Nerd.

Notes: Before the episode was posted onto YouTube, it was originally available as part of the AVGN DVD Vol. 4.

Chronologically Confused About TMNT DVDs 7:40 April 26, 2011 The Nerd rants about various issues with the DVD availability of both the 1987 and 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. TMNT Tournament Fighter Challenge SNES 5:36 June 21, 2011 James Rolfe and Mike Matei take part in a challenge – playing TMNT Tournament Fighter as part of the Turtle Tuesdays series. Ninja Baseball Bat Man 3:31 July 29, 2011 The Nerd takes a moment to review an arcade classic – Ninja Baseball Bat Man. Contra Memories 7:13 November 2, 2011 James Rolfe takes a moment with viewers to recall his memories of playing and beating the original Contra video game for the NES.

Notes: This video later spawned five more segments titled Nerd Memories published by

SNES vs. Sega Genesis, Parts 1 and 2 26:45 (combined) August 14, 2012 (Part 1)
August 16, 2012 (Part 2) In a two-part video special, James Rolfe talks about his experiences with the 16-Bit Wars and the two consoles involved – the SNES and Genesis.

Notes: A combined version of the two parts was later released on August 17, 2012.

The Nerd’s Anger Management 32:26 August 30, 2012 (Cinemassacre)
June 28, 2017 (YouTube) In this audio only video, the Nerd shows the viewer how to relax. Mike talks about the AVGN Experience 17:46 November 8, 2012 Mike Matei discusses his involvement with the AVGN videos, and gives his outside perspective of AVGN and Rolfe’s other films. Abandoned AVGN Episode: Secret Scout 4:32 December 5, 2012 (DVD)
April 30, 2014 (YouTube) James Rolfe gives viewers and fans of Angry Video Game Nerd a look at an abandoned, unfinished review for Secret Scout for the NES.

Notes: Prior to its release on YouTube, the video was a part of the AVGN Volume 6 DVD.

Magfest 2013 AVGN Panel 13:03 January 15, 2013
February 19, 2013 (YouTube) James Rolfe goes to Magfest 2013 and asks the audience several questions, re-enacts quotes from various AVGN episodes, and allows them to play some video games that he reviewed. The Original Nerd Room 4:15 December 13, 2013 (DVD)
May 20, 2014 (YouTube) James Rolfe returns to his childhood room where he filmed the first two AVGN episodes almost ten years earlier, and gives a brief overview. Nerd Room Tour 2013 8:35 December 13, 2013 (DVD)
May 30, 2020 (YouTube) New overview of the Nerd room for the Season 7 DVD. Video Games!! – Board James (Episode 25) with AVGN 11:18 September 5, 2015 The Nerd helps Board James review a number of video game related board games. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – The Game: The Movie Trailer 3:57 November 24, 2015 A Cinemassacre short spoofing the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES game. THANK YOU!! 2 million YouTube Subscribers! 2:04 March 8, 2016 James/The Nerd does a shout out to his fans regarding his upcoming 10th anniversary of broadcasting on YouTube. AVGN Auction for Charity 7:02 April 12, 2016 James Rolfe announces an auction charity event to viewers and fans of Angry Video Game Nerd, in which the proceeds from the sales of various props and other items will go to Shriners Hospitals for Children. AVGN Script Collection PART 1 (of 3) for charity 30:56 April 20, 2016 In a three-part video, James Rolfe and Mike Matei go over AVGN scripts. AVGN Script Collection PART 2 (of 3) for charity 25:18 April 27, 2016 AVGN Script Collection PART 3 (of 3) for charity 25:31 May 4, 2016 AVGN Presents “ASTRO BASTARDS” Trailer 4:30 December 22, 2016 The Nerd gives a presentation of a Cinemassacre short. AVGN Anime Transformation 0:41 February 7, 2017 A brief anime style short to an AVGN theme. Medusa Heads 1:18 April 3, 2017 A Cinemassacre animated short involving the Nerd, using audio from the “Castlevania, Part 1” episode. AVGN Zelda II – Cinemassacre Animated 1:12 June 18, 2017 A Cinemassacre animated short to Zelda II, with audio excerpts from the related AVGN episode. Top 10 AVGN Episodes 9:51 August 4, 2017 James Rolfe gives his personal opinion of the 10 best AVGN episodes. AVGN Anime Part 2 1:41 November 27, 2017 A follow-up to AVGN Anime Transformation. Top 10 AVGN Moments of 2018 8:58 December 31, 2018 The channel’s top 10 moments of the year. Cinemassacre Rental Reviews – Kazaam Review (1996) 23:39 April 19, 2019 The CGI genie from the AVGN episode “Aladdin Deck Enhancer” makes an appearance. AVGN Commercial & Trailer Reel 22:00 December 18, 2019 A compilation of (mostly) AVGN related trailer spoofs. AVGN’s Yule Log of Video Games 1:02:00 December 22, 2019 A montage of the Nerd burning various poor games over an open fire with Holiday music playing. Top 2019 AVGN Moments 12:30 December 31, 2019 A 2019 recap. AVGN in Duck Hunt 4:59 April 22, 2020 The Nerd appears in an animated homage to Duck Hunt in the style of Looney Tunes. AVGN 1&2 Deluxe – Release Trailer (Switch and Steam) 1:24 October 30, 2020 Promotion for the upgraded rerelease of Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures I & II. AVGN 1&2 Deluxe – Extended Trailer 1:49 November 17, 2020 A more in depth trailer for Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe The Making of AVGN 1&2 Deluxe – Video Game Documentary 23:23 November 27, 2020 A documentary of the repackaging of the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures games. Why Batman Returns is a Christmas Movie 12:24 December 11, 2020 The Nerd does a brief commercial in an otherwise non-AVGN review. AVGN Holiday Memories 2006–2020 27:35 December 22, 2020 A montage of Nerd Holiday episodes. Top 10 AVGN Moments of 2020 12:34 December 29, 2020 Annual Top 10 countdown of 2020. Dragon Quest’s Timeline – Chronologically Confused 22:16 February 4, 2021 Another Chronologically Confused audio/visual narrative, though this one features James instead of the Nerd character. AVGN 1&2 Deluxe Coming Soon to Xbox and PlayStation!! 1:03 February 26, 2021 Update of AVGN 1&2 Deluxe. New ‘Rex Viper’ song coming THIS Friday!! 1:47 March 2, 2021 James Rolfe uses his “Big Rigs” Trucker persona to promote the musical group Rex Viper and their upcoming Back to the Future video. Rex Viper – Nintendo Power of Love (Music Video) 5:31 March 5, 2021 The Rex Viper video premieres on Cinemassacre feat. James Rolfe. The Nerd doesn’t appear but it satirizes the Back to the Future video game published by LJN with which the Nerd has long been associated. Michelangelo Crashes an AVGN Panel 9:09 June 4, 2021 Voice actor Robbie Rist at an AVGN panel. Rex Viper – Hearts on Fire (Music Video) 6:04 July 15, 2021 Cinemassacre collaborates with Rex Viper again; this time with a cover of John Cafferty’s Heart’s on Fire from the soundtrack of Rocky IV. Displays training montages from various video games including The Karate Kid and Rocky. Rex Viper – Eye of the Tiger Electronics (Music Video) 5:59 September 17, 2021 Rex Viper does a cover of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (from the soundtrack of Rocky III) in relation to the Tiger Electronics LCD games. Includes clips of the Nerd from the “Tiger Electronic Games” episode. James’ Most Memorable AVGN Moments 16:54 November 19, 2021 A retrospective on Nerd history.