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The City of Wanneroo in Perth, Western Australia was originally established on 31 October 1902 as a road board with a chairman and councillors under the Roads Boards Act 1871. With the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, all road boards became Shires with a shire president and councillors effective 1 July 1961. On 19 July 1985, Wanneroo attained City status, and the Shire president became a mayor.[1]

The City was then split in 1998 with the southwestern section becoming the City of Joondalup and the remainder forming a reduced Shire of Wanneroo. It re-attained City status on 18 June 1999. As this was before the local government elections to elect a mayor and councillors, the second incarnation of the Shire did not have a president.

The current Mayor of the City of Wanneroo is Linda Aitken, who was elected to the position in September 2022.

Wanneroo Road Board[edit]

Chairman Term
Herbert Hocking 1903–1911
James Spiers 1911–1915
Harold Edwards 1915–1917
Herbert Hocking 1917–1925
Denis Keane 1925–1928
John Perry 1928–1929
Denis Keane 1929–1935
Eli Edward Ashby 1935–1944
William Charles Pearsall 1944–1950
Vacant March 1950[1]—June 1950
Gilbert Handcock 1950–1951; 1952–1953;
John Steele 1951–1952
Frederick Sexton 1953 (Jun–Sep)
Keith Porteous 1955–1956
Daniel Cooper 1956–1957
Vacant December 1957[2]—April 1960
Neil Martin April 1960 – June 1961

Shire of Wanneroo[edit]

Shire president Term
Neil Martin 1961–1962
Edwin Crisafulli 1962–1964
Joe Smith 1964–1965
John Gaynor 1965–1968
Mick Nanovich 1968–1974
Charles Searson 1974–1981
Mike O’Brien JP 1981–1982
Keith Pearce 1982–1983
Ray Ivan 1983–1984
Nick Trandos 1984–1985

City of Wanneroo[edit]

Mayor Term
Nick Trandos 1985–1986
Brian Cooper 1986–1988
Wayne Bradshaw 1988–1989
Brian Cooper 1989–1990
Wayne Bradshaw 1990–1991
Bill Duffy 1991
Bill Marwick 1991–1992
Rob Johnson 1992–1993
Graeme Major 1993–1994
Rita Waters 1994–1995
Arnold Dammers 1995–1997
Brian Cooper 1997
Vacant November 1997[3]—December 1999
Jon Kelly 1999–2011
Tracey Roberts 2011–2022
Linda Aitken 2022–present[2]
  • 1 On 10 March 1950, three councillors, W.G. Pearsall, W. J. Mowatt and E. Ashby, resigned. On 24 March 1950, an Order in Council was issued appointing a Commissioner, George Seddon Lindsay in his role as Secretary for Local Government, “until a new Board is duly elected”. This election took place on 10 June 1950.[3]
  • 2 On 17 December 1957, an Order in Council was issued appointing a Commissioner, Richard Rushton. The reason given was that “owing to the resignation of members, there are not now sufficient members to form a quorum of the Board of the Wanneroo Road District.”[4]
  • 3 On 12 November 1997, the Council was suspended for a period not exceeding two years by the Minister for Local Government and five commissioners were appointed.[5] It was reinstated on 1 July 1998, only for the City to be immediately abolished and placed under the same five commissioners.[6]


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