WWA World Heavyweight Championship (Mexico)

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The WWA World Heavyweight Championship (Campeonato Mundial Peso Completo WWA in Spanish) is a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship promoted by the Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling based promotion World Wrestling Association (WWA) since 1986. As the Championship was designated as a heavyweight title, the Championship can only officially be competed for by wrestlers weighing at least 105 kg (231 lb).[1] However, as with most heavyweight titles the “minimum” weight requirement is often ignored.

As it was a professional wrestling championship, the championship was not won not by actual competition, but by a scripted ending to a match determined by the bookers and match makers.[a] On occasion the promotion declares a championship vacant, which means there is no champion at that point in time. This can either be due to a storyline,[b] or real life issues such as a champion suffering an injury being unable to defend the championship,[c] or leaving the company.[d]

Bill Anderson was the first champion, defeating Tinieblas in the finals of a tournament on October 4, 1986. Perro Aguayo is the wrestler that has held the championship the most times, three, Mil Mascaras is the only other wrestler to have won the title more than once. The current champion is Rayo de Jalisco, Jr., having defeated Rey Misterio, Sr. in a tournament final on March 21, 2003. Since the WWA titles have been largely unsanctioned since the late 1990s it means that they can be defended on any wrestling show, not just limited to WWA promoted shows.[e]

Title history[edit]

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
N/A Unknown information
Championship change is unrecognized by the promotion
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
 1  Bill Anderson  October 4, 1986  Live event [f]  1  119 Defeated Tinieblas to become first champion. [e]
 2  Tinieblas  January 31, 1987  Live event Los Angeles, California  1  182 !”>[g] [e]
 3  Super Halcón  August 1987  Live event Los Angeles, California  1   [e]
 4  Dos Caras  1989  Live event [f]  1  262 !”>[h] [e]
 5  Scorpio Jr.  September 19, 1990  Live event Naucalpan, Mexico  1  36 [e]
 6  Mil Máscaras  October 25, 1991  Live event Tijuana, Mexico  1  799 !”>[i] [e]
Vacated  1994 Championship vacated for unknown reasons [e]
 7  Perro Aguayo  September 18, 1994  Live event Nuevo Laredo, Mexico  1  105 !”>[j] Defeated Cien Caras to win the vacant title. [e]
 8  Cien Caras  1995   Live event  1  1 !”>[k] [e]
 9  Perro Aguayo  October 4, 1995  Live event Aguascalientes, Mexico  2  23 [e]
 10  Cibernético  October 27, 1995  Live event Tehuacan, Mexico  1  49 [e]
 11  Perro Aguayo  December 15, 1995  Live event Mexico City, Mexico  3  560 [e]
 12  Cobarde Jr.  June 27, 1997  Live event Tala, Mexico  1  553 !”>[l] [e]
 13  Mil Máscaras  1999   Live event  2   [e]
Vacated N/A Championship vacated for unknown reasons
 14  Rayo de Jalisco Jr.  March 21, 2003  Live event Tijuana, Mexico  1  1800 Defeated Rey Misterio, Sr. to win the vacant title. [7]
Vacated February 23, 2008 WWA stripped Jalisco of the title after no-showing a title defense.
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