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Morgan Downey is an Irish-born New York-based American commodities trader and acknowledged authority on the financial aspects of the oil industry.[1][2] His views about price fluctuations and trends in the oil market have been reported in numerous publications.[3][4][5] He is the author of Oil 101.


Downey was born in Ireland, studied finance at the University of Limerick, and moved to New York City after college.

His 2009 book Oil 101[6] is an overall guide to the oil industry with information about how oil prices are determined in global wholesale markets.[6][7] According to the Wall Street Journal, the book covers the “technologies and systems related to oil exploration, production, refining, distribution and more.”[8] Reviewer Robert Rapier described his book as detailed and comprehensive and a resource for persons wanting to understand the oil industry.[9]

In February 2014, Downey was appointed as the chief executive officer of financial data vendor Money.Net, described as a real-time market information platform for investors.[6] filed for bankruptcy on 4/15/2021. Before, he was Global Head of Commodities at Bloomberg LP where he managed the development and content of the Bloomberg Professional terminal as well as moderated panel discussions on industry topics.[6][10] Before that, he spent 15 years[11] as a commodities trader for banks such as Standard Chartered Bank,[1][2][6]Bank of America,[6] and at Citibank[6] in the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore.[11]


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