1913 All-Western college football team

The 1913 All-Western college football team consists of American football players selected to the All-Western teams chosen by various selectors for the 1913 college football season. Five Western players were also selected as consensus All-Americans on the 1913 College Football All-America Team: Miller Pontius (tackle, Michigan), Ray Keeler (guard, Wisconsin), Paul Des Jardien (center, Chicago), Gus Dorais (quarterback, Notre Dame), and James B. Craig (halfback, Michigan).[1]

All-Western selections[edit]


  • Lorin Solon, Minnesota (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-2, WE-1)
  • Knute Rockne, Notre Dame (CDN-1, CON, CT, ECP-2, IO-1, WE-1) (CFHOF)
  • Clark Shaughnessy, Minnesota (CDN-2 [fullback], CRH, ECP-1 [guard]) (CFHOF)
  • Blake Miller, Michigan Agricultural (ECP-1)
  • Norman K. Wilson, Illinois (ECP-2)
  • Earl Huntington, Chicago (CDN-2, WE-2)
  • Harold Ofstie, Wisconsin (CDN-2, IO-1)
  • Harold Pogue, Illinois (IO-2)
  • Ralph B. Henning, Michigan Agricultural (WE-2)


  • Robert Butler, Wisconsin (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-1)
  • Miller Pontius, Michigan (CDN-1, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-2) [CAA]
  • Brown, South Dakota (CON, CRH)
  • Vic Halligan, Nebraska (CT, WE-1)
  • Archie Kirk, Iowa (ECP-2, IO-2)
  • Gideon Smith, Michigan Agricultural (ECP-2)
  • Chester W. Gifford, Michigan Agricultural (CDN-2, IO-2, WE-2)
  • Harold Ernest Goettler, Chicago (CDN-2)


  • Ernest Allmendinger, Michigan (CDN-2, CON, CRH, CT, WE-1)
  • Ray Keeler, Wisconsin (CDN-2, CON, CRH, ECP-2, IO-1, WE-2) [CAA]
  • Faunt V. Lenardson, Michigan Agricultural (CDN-1, CT, WE-1)
  • Harris, Chicago (CDN-1, ECP-2, IO-2)
  • George C. Paterson, Michigan (ECP-1)
  • Boles Rosenthal, Minnesota (IO-1)
  • H. B. Routh, Purdue (IO-2)
  • James J. Gallagher, Missouri (WE-2)


  • Paul Des Jardien, Chicago (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-1) [CAA, CFHOF]
  • C. E. Glossop, Purdue (CDN-2, ECP-2)
  • George C. Paterson, Michigan (IO-2)
  • Al Feeney, Notre Dame (WE-2)


  • Gus Dorais, Notre Dame (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-2, IO-1, WE-1) [CAA, CFHOF]
  • Pete Russell, Chicago (ECP-1, WE-2)
  • Samuel Gross, Iowa (CDN-2)
  • Wilbur Hightower, Northwestern (IO-2)


  • James B. Craig, Michigan (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-1) [CAA]
  • Nelson Norgren, Chicago (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-1)
  • William McAlmon, Minnesota (ECP-2)
  • Gray, Chicago (CDN-2, ECP-2)
  • Miller, Michigan Agricultural (CDN-2)
  • Leonard Purdy, Nebraska (IO-2)
  • Elmer Oliphant, Purdue (IO-2) (CFHOF)
  • Richard B. Rutherford, Nebraska (WE-2)
  • Joe Pliska, Notre Dame (WE-2)


  • Ray Eichenlaub, Notre Dame (CDN-1, CON, CRH, CT, ECP-1, IO-1, WE-1) (CFHOF)
  • George E. Julian, Michigan State (ECP-2, IO-2, WE-2)

Bold = consensus choice by a majority of the selectors

CDN = Chicago Daily News[2]

CON = Based on “consensus of opinion of sporting writers and experts who have already picked teams”[3][4][5]

CRH = Chicago Record-Herald by M. J. Wathey[6]

CT = Chicago Tribune[6]

ECP = E. C. Patterson for Collier’s Weekly[7]

IO = The Inter Ocean[8]

WE = Walter Eckersall[9]

CAA = Consensus All-American during the 1913 college football season[1]

CFHOF = College Football Hall of Fame

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