1927 College Football All-America Team

The 1927 College Football All-America team is composed of college football players who were selected as All-Americans by various organizations and writers that chose College Football All-America Teams in 1927. The seven selectors recognized by the NCAA as “official” for the 1927 season are (1) Collier’s Weekly, as selected by Grantland Rice with cooperation from ten coaches, (2) the Associated Press, (3) the United Press, selected based on consensus among UP newspapers throughout the country and prominent football coaches, (4) the All-America Board, (5) the International News Service (INS), (6) the Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA), and (7) the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA).

Consensus All-Americans[edit]

Following the death of Walter Camp in 1925, there was a proliferation of All-American teams in the late 1920s. For the year 1927, the NCAA recognizes seven published All-American teams as “official” designations for purposes of its consensus determinations. The following chart identifies the NCAA-recognized consensus All-Americans and displays which first-team designations they received. Michigan end Bennie Oosterbaan and Pittsburgh halfback Gibby Welch were the only players to be unanimously selected by all seven selectors as first-team All-Americans.

Name Position School Number Selectors
Bennie Oosterbaan End Michigan 7/7 AAB, AP, CO, INS, NANA, NEA, UP
Gibby Welch Halfback Pitt 7/7 AAB, AP, CO, INS, NANA, NEA, UP
Morley Drury Quarterback USC 6/7 AAB, AP, CO, INS, NEA, UP
Clipper Smith Guard Notre Dame 6/7 AAB, AP, CO, INS, NEA, UP
Herb Joesting Fullback Minnesota 6/7 AAB, AP, CO, INS, NEA, UP
Bill Webster Guard Yale 5/7 AAB, AP, INS, NANA, NEA
Tom Nash End Georgia 4/7 AAB, CO, INS, NANA
Jesse Hibbs Tackle USC 4/7 AAB, INS, NANA, UP
Ed Hake Tackle Penn 3/7 AP, NANA, UP
Larry Bettencourt Center St. Mary’s 3/7 AAB, AP, INS
John Charlesworth Center Yale 3/7 CO, NEA, UP
Red Cagle Halfback Army 3/7 AAB, CO, NANA

All-American selections for 1927[edit]


  • Bennie Oosterbaan, Michigan (CFHOF) (AAB; AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA; NANA; CP-1; CEP-1; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Tom Nash, Georgia (AAB; AP-3; UP-3; COL-1; INS-1; NANA; CEP-3; HE-1; BE-3; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Ivey Shiver, Georgia (AP-1; UP-1; NEA; CP-2; HE-2; INS-3; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-2)
  • Dwight Fishwick, Yale (CP-1; WE-3)
  • George Cole, Dartmouth (AP-2; CEP-3; HE-3; INS-2)
  • Rags Matthews, TCU (CFHOF) (AP-2; INS-2; NYS-2; BE-3)
  • Irvine Phillips, California (AP-3; CP-2)
  • Stewart Scott, Yale (UP-2; BE-2)
  • Charles Born, Army (UP-2; CEP-1; HE-2; INS-3; NYS-2; BE-2)
  • Charlie Moeser, Princeton (HE-3; LP-2; WE-2)
  • Matthews, SMU (CEP-2)
  • Lou Jennings, Centenary (CEP-2)
  • Joe Donchess, Pittsburgh (CFHOF) (WE-2)
  • Charles Walsh, Notre Dame (UP-3)
  • Ted Fleck, Kansas Aggies (WE-3)


  • Jesse Hibbs, USC (AAB; AP-2; UP-1; INS-1; NANA; CP-1; CEP-2; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-2; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Ed Hake, Penn (AP-1; UP-1; NANA; CP-2; CEP-3; HE-2; BE-3)
  • Bud Sprague, Army (CFHOF) (AP-1; UP-2; INS-1; CP-1; HE-1)
  • Bill Kern, Pittsburgh (INS-2; NEA; HE-2; NYS-2; BE-1)
  • John Smith, Penn (AP-2; COL-1; LP-2; INS-3; WE-2)
  • Leo Raskowski, Ohio State (AP-3; COL-1; NEA; HE-3; BE-1; CEP-1; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Fred Pickhard, Alabama (UP-2; CP-2)
  • Leo Nowack, Illinois (AP-3)
  • George Perry, Army (LP-2; NYS-1; BE-2)
  • Jap Douds, Washington & Jefferson (BE-3; CEP-1; HE-3; INS-2)
  • Sidney Quarrier, Yale (AAB; UP-3; CEP-2; WE-2)
  • James J. Fitzgerald, Tufts (UP-3)
  • Alton C. Sprott, Texas A&M (INS-3; NYS-2; BE-3 [g])
  • Roy Randells, Nebraska (CEP-3)
  • Fritz Coultrin, California (WE-3)
  • Francis E. Lucas, Missouri (WE-3)


  • Bill Webster, Yale (AAB; AP-1; UP-2; INS-1; NEA; NANA; CP-1; CEP-1; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; WE-1)
  • John “Clipper” Smith, Notre Dame (CFHOF) (AAB; AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA; CP-1; CEP-2; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-1; WE-1)
  • Russ Crane, Illinois (COL-1; LP-2)
  • Ray Baer, Michigan (AP-2; UP-2; CP-2; HE-2; INS-2; BE-2; WE-2)
  • John Barnhill, Tennessee (AP-2)
  • Harold Hanson, Minnesota (AP-3; UP-1; NANA; CP-2; CEP-1; HE-2; INS-3; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-1; WE-3)
  • Gene Smith, Georgia (AP-3)
  • William Wright, Washington (INS-2; NYS-2; BE-3; LP-2)
  • John Roberts, Pittsburgh (WE-2)
  • Justin Whitlock Dart, Northwestern (UP-3)
  • R. Van I. Miller, Amherst (UP-3)
  • Danny McMullen, Nebraska (INS-3)
  • J. M. French, Princeton (HE-3)
  • Seraphim Post, Stanford (HE-3)
  • Raleigh Drennon, Georgia Tech (CEP-2; WE-3)
  • Robert N. Miller, Missouri (CEP-3)
  • E. G. Blake, Princeton (CEP-3)



  • Morley Drury, USC (CFHOF) (AAB; AP-1 [hb]; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1 [hb]; NEA; CP-1; CEP-1; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Bill Spears, Vanderbilt (CFHOF) (AP-1; UP-2; INS-1; NANA; CP-2; CEP-2; HE-3; LP-2; WE-2)
  • Harold Almquist, Minnesota (AP-3)
  • Jack Connor, NYU (HE-2; INS-2; NYS-2; BE-2; LP-2)
  • Gerald Mann, SMU (CFHOF) (BE-3)
  • Frederick M. Ellis, Tufts (CEP-3)
  • Dominic E. Engbarth, Texas


  • Gibby Welch, Pittsburgh (AAB; AP-1; UP-1; COL-1; INS-1; NEA; NANA; CP-1; CEP-1; HE-1; NYS-1; BE-1; LP-1; WE-1)
  • Red Cagle, Army (CFHOF) (AAB; AP-3; UP-3; COL-1; NANA; CEP-3; HE-2; WE-1)
  • Christie Flanagan, Notre Dame (UP-1; NEA; CP-1; HE-3; INS-3; BE-1)
  • Alton Marsters, Dartmouth (AP-2; UP-2; HE-3; INS-2; NYS-2; BE-2; CEP-1; LP-2; WE-2)
  • Glenn Presnell, Nebraska (AP-2; UP-2; HE-2; INS-2; NYS-2; BE-2; CEP-2; LP-1; WE-2)
  • Joel Hunt, Texas A&M (CFHOF) (AP-2 [qb]; INS-3 [qb]; BE-3; CEP-2; LP-2; WE-3 [qb])
  • Chuck Carroll, Washington (CFHOF) (AP-3)
  • Louis Gilbert, Michigan (UP-3 [qb]; CP-2; BE-3; WE-3)
  • Walter “Swede” Gebert, Marquette (UP-3; INS-3; LP-2)
  • Bruce Caldwell, Yale (CP-2; HE-1; NYS-1; LP-2)
  • Bob Nork, Georgetown (CEP-3)
  • Johnny Roepke, Penn State (WE-3)


Official selectors[edit]

Other selectors[edit]

  • BE = Billy Evans with the assistance of “100 of the leading football experts of the country”[8]
  • CP = Central Press Association, billed as the “Real” All-American team with selections based on fan input with cooperation from “hundreds of newspapers throughout the country”[9]
  • CEP = Charles E. Parker for the New York Evening Telegram[10]
  • HE = Hearst newspapers, consensus selection of more than 100 sports writers and editors at the Hearst newspapers[11]
  • LP = Lawrence Perry[12]
  • NYS = New York Sun “based on a canvas of 129 college teams throughout the country by the Sun’s representatives” with gold watches being given to the members of the first eleven[13]
  • WC = Walter Camp Football Foundation[14]
  • WE = Walter Eckersall[15]

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