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Type GmbH
Industry Entertainment (movie theatres)
Founded 1993
Headquarters Vienna, Austria

Number of locations

61 (2021)

Area served

Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

Key people

Christian Langhammer
Revenue €150 million (2019)

Number of employees

1,600 (2019)

Cineplexx in Zagreb, Croatia

Cineplexx is a cinema company based in Vienna, Austria, owned by Constantin Film-Foundation. The company was founded in 1993, and operates mainly in Austria where it is the largest cinema chain with 28 locations, mostly multiplex cinemas under the Cineplexx brand. The company started international expansion in 2009 and operates 61 multiplexes in 12 countries as of 2021.


Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between Constantin Film-Holding GmbH and Vienna’s own cinema and event companies (KIBA / Wiener Stadthalle and Wiener Holding AG). The city of Vienna withdrew and sold its shares to Constantin Film-Holding GmbH in spring 1999. Constantin Film-Holding GmbH and Cineplexx Kinobetriebe GmbH are wholly owned by the Langhammer family.

The first Cineplexx cinema was opened on October 31, 1996 in Graz. It was after the Apollo Cinema reopened in December 1993 by Cineinvest, a subsidiary of Constantin Film Holding and Kiba. The largest Cineplexx which was built in November 1999 on the Danube plate, in Reichsbrücke, included 13 halls and 3,400 seats, was closed in 2011.

In March 2001 Cineplexx bought from Loews a cinema in Auhof and in December 2002 the cinema in the Vienna Twin Tower from the German Cinestar. In 2004, Constantin Film Group also took over the multiplex cinema in the Donauzentrum, the Donauplex.

Since 2009 Cineplexx has expanded in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

On May 12, 2009, the first Cineplexx cinema outside Austria was opened in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy with 7 screens.

In January 2019, Cineplexx bought the three cinemas of the UCI chain in Austria from Odeon.[1]

Cineplexx has expanded in Romania in April 2019 after it bought one of the largest multiplexes in Bucharest, Grand Cinema, keeping the brand. Three months later Cineplexx took over Cine Gold multiplex, also in Bucharest and rebranded it as Cineplexx.[2] In September 2019 a multiplex was opened in Satu Mare.[3] Cineplexx continued to expand with a multiplex in Sibiu in February 2020, in Târgu Mureș in September 2020,[4] and others planned in Craiova and Iași.

The latest addition is the new Cineplexx in Sarajevo with eight cinema halls totaling 1,400 seats, which opened in June 2021 and will also serve as a major venue for the annual Sarajevo Film Festival.[5]

Projects currently under construction are a 4-screen cinema in the recently expanded ALGO Shopping Center in Algundo,[6] near Merano, which will open in summer 2021, as well as the company’s second cinema in Skopje, at Skopje East Gate Mall, with a planned opening in late autumn 2021. Furthermore, the 9-screen cinema at Belgrade Waterfront, which is already open to the public and hosts Serbia’s first IMAX, will be finished in September 2021. Cineplexx’s first cinema in Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana with 7 halls and 1400 seats is planned to open in spring 2022 at Supernova Shopping Center in Rudnik. [7]


The multiplex offers in selected locations cinema halls equipped with laser 4K projectors, HFR, IMAX, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Cinema.

Since 2017 the company opened first halls with motion-base cinema concept MX4D in Split, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Graz, with the latest one being introduced in Vienna at Cineplexx Millennium City in 2021. Likewise, a VR concept was launched in Graz and Novi Sad on a trial basis. Also Samsung’s Onyx concept, the first Cinema LED system to replace the classic projection was installed in Wienerberg.[8]


Name Location Screens Notes
Annenhof Cinema Graz, Austria 8
Apollo Cinema Vienna, Austria 12 IMAX, Laser projection, 4K
Cineplexx Amstetten Amstetten, Austria 6 Dolby Atmos, All laser projection
Cineplexx Donau Zentrum Vienna, Austria 13 IMAX, Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, HFR
Cineplexx Graz Graz, Austria 10 IMAX, Dolby Atmos, MX4D, All laser projection, HFR
Cineplexx Hohenems Hohenems, Austria 9 IMAX, Dolby Atmos, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Innsbruck Innsbruck, Austria 8 IMAX
Cineplexx Lauterach Lauterach, Austria 4
Cineplexx Leoben Leoben Austria 6
Cineplexx Linz Linz, Austria 10 Dolby Cinema, Dolby Atmos, All laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Mattersburg Mattersburg, Austria 5
Cineplexx Millennium City Vienna, Austria 13 Dolby Cinema, Dolby Atmos, M4DX, All laser projection, 4K, HFR,
Cineplexx Parndorf Parndorf 5 Dolby Atmos, All laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Salzburg Airport Salzburg, Austria 10 Dolby Cinema, Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Spittal Spittal, Austria 4 All laser projection
Cineplexx Villach Villach, Austria 6 Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Vienna Auhof Vienna, Austria 8
Cineplexx Wiener Neustadt Wiener Neustadt, Austria 8 Dolby Atmos, All laser projection
Cineplexx Wienerberg Wienerberg, Austria 10 Onyx Cinema LED, Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Wörgl Wörgl, Austria 6 Laser projection
SCS Kinowelt Wiener Neudorf, Austria 9 Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Village Cinema Vienna, Austria 10 Dolby Cinema, Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Actors Studio Vienna, Austria 1
Artis International Vienna, Austria 1
Filmtheater Kitzbühel Kitzbühel 2 HFR
Geidorf Kunstkino Graz, Austria 3
Stadtkino Villach Villach, Austria 3
Urania Cinema Vienna, Austria 1
Cineplexx QTU Tirana, Albania 4 4K
Cineplexx TEG Tirana, Albania 7 4K
Cineplex Palas Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina 7
Cineplexx Sarajevo Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 8 HFR, Ultimate Laser Projection
Cineplexx City Center One East Zagreb, Croatia 7 HFR
Cineplexx City Center One Split Split, Croatia 7 HFR, Laser projection
Cineplexx One Salonica Thesaloniki, Greece 8 IMAX, 4K
Cineplexx Bolzano Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy 7 Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx ALGO (under construction) Algundo/Merano, South Tyrol, Italy 4 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Prishtina Prishtina, Kosovo 6 4K
Cineplexx Prizren Prizren, Kosovo 5 4K
Cineplexx Podgorica Podgorica, Montenegro 6 HFR
Cineplexx Skopje City Mall Skopje, North Macedonia 9 HFR
Cineplexx Skopje East Gate Mall (under construction) Skopje, North Macedonia 8 HFR, Atmos, Ultimate Laser Projection
Cineplexx Targu Mures Targu Mures, Romania 5 HFR, 4K, Atmos, Ultimate Laser Projection
Cineplexx Satu Mare Satu Mare, Romania 6 HFR, 4K, Ultimate Laser Projection, Atmos
Cineplexx Sibiu Sibiu, Romania 5 Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Titan Bucharest, Romania 8
Cineplexx Băneasa Bucharest, Romania 13 Dolby Atmos, Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx 4D Delta City Belgrade, Serbia 6 MX4D, HFR
Cineplexx Big Beograd Belgrade, Serbia 8 Laser projection, 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Kragujevac Plaza Kragujevac, Serbia 6
Cineplexx Nis Nis, Serbia 5 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Promenada Novi Sad, Serbia 8 MX4D, All Laser projection, HFR
Cineplexx Usce Shopping Center Belgrade, Serbia 11 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Galerija Belgrade (partially finished) Belgrade, Serbia 9 IMAX, Atmos, Ultimate Laser Projection, HFR, 4K
Cineplexx Celje Celje, Slovenia 8 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Koper Koper, Slovenia 5
Cineplexx Kranj Kranj, Slovenia 5 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Maribor Maribor, Slovenia 8 4K, HFR
Cineplexx Murska Sobota Murska Sobota, Slovenia 3
Cineplexx Novo Mesto Novo Mesto, Slovenia 5


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