Kyauktada Township – Wikipedia

Township of Yangon in Myanmar

Kyauktada Township (Burmese: ကျောက်တံတား မြို့နယ် [tɕaʊʔdədá mjo̰nɛ̀]) is the center of downtown Yangon, Myanmar. The township consists of nine wards, and shares borders with Botataung Township in the east, Seikkan Township and Yangon River in the south, Pabedan Township in the west and Mingala Taungnyunt Township in the north.[1]

The township is home to many historic buildings, including the Sule Pagoda, the City Hall, the High Court Building, the Strand Hotel as well as embassies of the UK and India. Three of the tallest buildings in Yangon, the Traders Hotel (now Sule Shangri-La), the Sakura Tower, and the Center Point Tower are located in Kyauktada. Many government offices are headquartered here. Maha Bandula Park across from Sule Pagoda and the city hall is a major recreational area in the downtown area.

The township has five primary schools, one middle school and one high school. Many of its school children attend high schools in nearby townships of Botataung and Pabedan.

The former High Court building in downtown Yangon

Sakura Tower (80+m), one of few modern office buildings in Yangon


As Kyauktada township was part of the original city plan implemented by the British, it is dotted with many colonial era buildings, including 39 landmark buildings and structures protected by the city.[2]

Structure Type Address Notes
Central Bank of Myanmar Government office 24-26 Sule Pagoda Road Old Central Bank building
Central Fire Station Government office 137-139 Sule Pagoda Road
Central Post Office 39-41 Bo Aung Kyaw Road (and Merchant Road)
Central Naval Hydrographic Depot Government office 55-61 Strand Road
City Hall Government office Maha Bandula Road
Customs House 132 Strand Road
Emmanuel Baptist Church Church 411 Maha Bandula Garden Street (and Maha Bandula Road)
Department of Fire Services Government office 127-133 Sule Pagoda Road
Department of Information and Public Relations Government office 22-24 Pansodan Road
Department of Immigration and Registration Government office 416 Maha Bandula Garden Street (and Maha Bandula Road)
Department of Internal Revenue Government office 55-61 Pansodan Road
Department of Labour Government office 138-158 Pansodan Road (and Maha Bandula Road)
Department of Pensions Government office 27 Bank Street
Embassy of Australia Embassy 88 Strand Road
Embassy of India Embassy 545-547 Merchant Road (and 36th Street)
Embassy of UK Embassy 80 Strand Road
Embassy of USA Embassy 581 Merchant Road
High Court Court 89-133 Pansodan Road Former High Court building
Inland Water Transport 44-54 Pansodan Road
Methodist Church Church 239 Seikkantha Road
Ministry of Hotel and Tourism Government office 77-91 Sule Pagoda Road
Myanma Agricultural and Village Tract Development Bank 526-532 Merchant Road
Myanma Economic Bank Government office 564 Maha Bandula Garden Street (and Merchant Road)
Myanma Economic Bank Branch-2 and Savings Bank Branch-4 Government office 27-41 Pansodan Road
Myanma Economic Bank Branch-3 Government office 15-19 Sule Pagoda Road (and Strand Road)
Myanma Export Import Enterprise Government office 579 Merchant Road (and Maha Bandula Garden Street)
Myanma Insurance Government office 142-144 Sule Pagoda Road
Myanma Industrial Development Bank Government office 26-42 Pansodan Road
Myanma Insurance (Fire & Engineering) Government office 128-132 Pansodan Road
Myanma Posts and Telecommunications Government office 125-133 Pansodan Road (and Maha Bandula Road)
Myanma Port Authority Government office 2-20 Pansodan Road
Science & Technology Division, Cybermec 550-552 Merchant Road
Strand Hotel Hotel 92 Strand Road
Sule Pagoda Pagoda Sule Pagoda Road
Sunni Jamah Bengali Mosque Mosque 93 Sule Pagoda Road
Surti Sunni Jamah Mosque Mosque 224-228 35th Street
Yangon Division Office Complex Government office 56-66 Bank Street Old Police Commissioner’s Office
Yangon Division Statistics Office Government office 22-34 Bank Street
Yangon Divisional Court (Civil) Court 1 Pansodan Road