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Limassol District () or Lemesos (Greek: Λεμεσός) is one of the six districts of Cyprus. As of 2011, it had a population of 239,842, 77% of which was urban.[1] Its main city is Limassol. Part of the British Overseas Territory of Akrotiri and Dhekelia forms an enclave on the Akrotiri Peninsula, under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.


The buried ancient city of Amathus is 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Limassol. Archaeological excavations have unearthed ruins of the Byzantine period and a tomb of the 7th century BC. The ancient Kolossi Castle, which is located 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) to the west of Limassol, reflects the fall of Acre and history of the Templars and their confiscated property allotted to the Limassol District for cultivation of wine and sugarcane.


Limassol District Administration building

Limassol District forms much of the southwestern-central part of Cyprus. The Kouris River rises in the southern slopes of Troodos mountains, which lie in the northern part of the district towards the centre of Cyprus, and flows to the sea near the ancient city of Kourion. This river has been dammed by the Kouris Dam, which has caused the near drying up of the river in its lower reaches. Limassol, to the northeast of the Akrotiri peninsula lies on Akrotiri Bay, while Pissouri, to the northwest of the peninsula, lies on Episkopi Bay.[5] Episkopi Bay is a nesting ground for green and loggerhead turtles, both of which are on the IUCN list of endangered species.[6] Amathous Beach, Dassoudi Beach and part of Governor’s Beach are also situated in the district.


According to Statistical Codes of Municipalities, Communities and Quarters of Cyprus per the Statistical Service of Cyprus (2015), Limassol District has 6 municipalities and 106 communities.[7] Municipalities are written with bold.

  1. Agios Amvrosios, Limassol
  2. Agios Athanasios, Cyprus
  3. Agios Dimitrios, Cyprus
  4. Agios Georgios, Limassol
  5. Agios Ioannis, Limassol
  6. Agios Konstantinos, Cyprus
  7. Agios Mamas, Limassol
  8. Agios Pavlos, Cyprus
  9. Agios Theodoros, Limassol
  10. Agios Therapon
  11. Agios Thomas, Cyprus
  12. Agios Tychonas
  13. Agridia
  14. Agros, Cyprus
  15. Akapnou
  16. Akrotiri (village)
  17. Akrounta
  18. Alassa
  19. Alektora
  20. Amiantos
  21. Anogyra
  22. Apesia
  23. Apsiou
  24. Arakapas
  25. Armenochori, Cyprus
  26. Arsos, Limassol
  27. Asgata
  28. Asomatos, Limassol
  29. Avdimou
  30. Chandria
  31. Dierona
  32. Dora, Cyprus
  33. Doros, Cyprus
  34. Dymes
  35. Episkopi, Limassol
  36. Eptagoneia
  37. Erimi
  38. Fasoula, Limassol
  39. Foini
  40. Foinikaria
  41. Gerasa, Cyprus
  42. Germasogeia
  43. Gerovasa
  44. Kalo Chorio, Limassol
  45. Kaminaria
  46. Kantou, Cyprus
  47. Kapilio
  48. Kato Kivides
  49. Kato Mylos
  50. Kato Platres
  51. Kato Polemidia
  52. Kellaki
  53. Kissousa
  54. Klonari
  55. Koilani
  56. Kolossi
  57. Korfi
  58. Kouka, Cyprus
  59. Kyperounta
  60. Laneia
  61. Lemithou
  62. Limassol
  63. Limnatis, Limassol
  64. Lofou
  65. Louvaras
  66. Malia, Cyprus
  67. Mandria, Limassol
  68. Mathikoloni
  69. Mesa Geitonia
  70. Monagri
  71. Monagroulli
  72. Moni, Cyprus
  73. Moniatis
  74. Mouttagiaka
  75. Omodos
  76. Pachna
  77. Palaiomylos
  78. Palodeia
  79. Pano Kivides
  80. Pano Polemidia
  81. Paramali
  82. Paramytha
  83. Parekklisia
  84. Pelendri
  85. Pentakomo
  86. Pera Pedi
  87. Pissouri
  88. Platanisteia
  89. Platres
  90. Potamiou
  91. Potamitissa
  92. Prastio (Avdimou)
  93. Prastio (Kellaki)
  94. Prodromos, Cyprus
  95. Pyrgos, Limassol
  96. Sanida
  97. Silikou
  98. Sotira, Limassol
  99. Souni–Zanatzia
  100. Spitali
  101. Sykopetra
  102. Trachoni, Limassol
  103. Treis Elies
  104. Trimiklini
  105. Troodos (community)
  106. Tserkezoi
  107. Vasa Kellakiou
  108. Vasa Koilaniou
  109. Vikla
  110. Vouni
  111. Ypsonas
  112. Zoopigi


The municipalities of Limassol, for administrative purposes, are divided into quarters. An exception is the Ypsonas Municipality. The list below shows alphabetically the quarters per municipality.

The municipalities of Limassol and their quarters.
Caledonian Waterfalls, Limassol. Cyprus

Caledonian Waterfalls, Limassol. Cyprus


Limassol, as the regional capital and a major centre for European tourism, contains many of the administrative and cultural buildings, and a large number of hotels along the seafront. Limassol District Court is located on Lord Byron Avenue near the Limassol city centre. It consists of a court complex with multiple buildings.[9] The city is known for its wineries, and revelry and nightlife. The Limassol District Archaeological Museum, located in Limassol, has historical artefacts from the towns of Kourion and Amathus. The collections cover several periods, including Preneolithic (Akroteri culture), Early Neolithic (Shillourokambos culture), Neolithic I, Neolithic II (Sotira culture), Chalcolithic, Erimi Culture, Early Bronze Age, Μiddle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Cypro-Geometric period, Cypro-Archaic period, Cypro-Classical period, Hellenistic period, Roman period, and Late Roman/Early Christian/Early Byzantine period.[12] The Painted Churches in the Troödos Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the churches, Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) is situated in Pelendri, Limassol District.[13]



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