Public housing estates in Yuen Long

Long Ping Estate, the largest public housing estate in Yuen Long New Town

The following is a list of public housing estates in Yuen Long New Town, Hong Kong, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS), Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS), and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates.


Fung Ting Court[edit]

Fung Ting Court (Chinese: 鳳庭苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme in Yuen Long Town. It has 2 blocks built in 2001. It was formerly the site of Yuen Long Factory Estate (Chinese: 元朗工廠大廈). The factory estate was built by the Resettlement Department in 1966, in order to relocate squatter factories and cottage workshops. In 1973, the management of the estate was taken over by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. In 1997, the clearance of the estate was completed. In 2001, two small blocks were built in the site.[1][2]

Name[3] Type Completion
Yan Ting House Concord 2001
Wa Ting House

Shui Pin Wai Estate[edit]

Shui Pin Wai Estate (Chinese: 水邊圍邨) is the second public housing estate in Yuen Long Town. It has 7 residential blocks mainly built in 1981,[4] but one of the blocks, Dip Shui House, was later built in 1998.

Name[5] Type Completion
Bik Shui House Old Slab 1981
Ying Shui House
Woo Shui House
San Shui House Single H
Chuen Shui House
Hong Shui House
Dip Shui House Small Household Block 1998

Long Ching Estate[edit]

Long Ching Estate (Chinese: 朗晴邨) is the site of the former Yuen Long Estate. The former estate had five buildings and was demolished in 2001. Originally the Housing Authority planned to build three 32-storey blocks on the land. However, the District Council believed the land should be privately developed to boost the local economy. The government eventually divided the land in two, offering part of the site for private development of Yuccie Square.

The new estate comprises two blocks of non-standard design offering 483 flats. It is designed to accommodate about 1400 residents.

English name Chinese name Type Completion
Yat Long House (Block 1) 日朗樓(第1座) Non-standard 2016
Ching Long House (Block 2) 青朗樓(第2座)

Long Ping Estate[edit]

Long Ping Commercial Centre

Estate Plaza of Long Ping Estate

Long Ping Estate (Chinese: 朗屏邨) is a mixed public/TPS estate in Wang Chau[6] near MTR Long Ping station. It is the third public housing estate in Yuen Long Town. It has a total of 15 residential blocks completed between 1986 and 1989.[7] In 2005, some of the flats were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 6B.[8][9]

Name[10] Type Completion
Yuet Ping House Harmony 2 1987
Hor Ping House
Shek Ping House 1986
Kang Ping House
Kam Ping House Double H
Sau Ping House
Chu Ping House
Po Ping House
Ngan Ping House 1989
Yin Ping House
Fung Ping House
Cheuk Ping House
Yuk Ping House Trident 2 1986
Wah Ping House 1989
Hay Ping House

Long Shin Estate[edit]

Long Bin Interim Housing[edit]

Long Bin Interim Housing (Chinese: 朗邊中轉房屋) is an Interim Housing estate in Castle Peak Road, Ping Shan, Yuen Long.[6][11] It had eight residential blocks completed in 1999.[12] Unlike public housing estates, it was used to accommodate affected families who are not immediately eligible for allocation of public rental housing.[13] The estate was then demolished between 2016 and 2017 for development of public estates.

Wang Fu Court[edit]

Wang Fu Court (Chinese: 宏富苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme estate completed in 2017. It comprises a single residential block in the Tung Tau Industrial Area, next to the Yuen Long Nullah.[14]

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