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Riga–Daugavpils Railway
Dendrārijs 14.JPG

A train at Dendrārijs on the Riga – Daugavpils railway line

Termini Riga Central Station
Daugavpils Station
Operator(s) Latvian Railways
Opened 1861[1]
Line length 218 km (135 mi)[2]
Track gauge 1,520 mm (

4 ft 11+2732 in) Russian gauge

Route map

The Riga–Daugavpils railway line (Latvian: Dzelzceļa līnija Rīga—Daugavpils) is a 218-kilometre (135 mi) long[2]railway line in Latvia which connects the cities of Riga in central Latvia and Daugavpils in south-eastern Latvia.

The railway line is double track between Riga and Krustpils and single track between Krustpils and Daugavpils. The track gauge is 1,520 mm (4 ft 11+2732 in) (Russian gauge). It was built in 1861, and is one the oldest railway lines in Latvia.[1][3]


The railway line was opened on 21 September 1861 as one of the first railway lines in the present territory of Latvia.[1] It was a part of the Riga–Oryol railway line, a 15,467 km (9,611 mi) long railway line in the Russian Empire, constructed to connect the Baltic Sea at Riga with Oryol in central Russia. At Daugavpils the line connected with the Saint Petersburg–Warsaw Railway, and thus joined the city of Riga with the Russian rail network. In 1894, the line became the property of the state.[4]

Railway lines in Latvia in 2016.

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