The Adventures of T-Rex – Wikipedia

Nº Title Air date 1 “Hijack” TBA Jealous of the Dragon Company’s success, Big Boss Graves starts attacking the club’s food and drink deliveries and even steals Ginger! 2 “Hot Shot” TBA Big Boss Graves calls in a Colossusaurus named Hot Shot to deal with T-Rex. 3 “Rep Side Story” TBA Shooter’s attempts to steal the Soap Diamond are hindered when he falls in love with Myrna. 4 “Star” TBA Bruno and Bernie are tricked by the Corporation into robbing a bank and Bugsy, Buck, and Bubba have to prove their innocence. 5 “Mesmerized Mayor” TBA Boss Graves has the Black Widow hypnotize Mayor Maynot, allowing the Corporation to do whatever they please. 6 “The Big Freeze” TBA Shooter frames Myrna for stealing a diamond bracelet to prove that the Brothers are T-Rex. 7 “Vinny and the Brothers” TBA Myrna’s nephew Vinny falls in with the Corporation. 8 “Big Time at the Big House” TBA Boss Graves is arrested and sent to Hum-Hum. His arrest was all part of his plan to steal the entire island. 9 “Rep City Games” TBA The Brothers enter the Mesozoic Games, but the Corporation kidnaps Ginger to force them to lose. 10 “Robo-Flop” TBA Professor Edison quits T-Rex and builds robotic crimefighter Robo-Rex, which turns against him. 11 “Screwloose” TBA Graves breaks out a criminal named Screwloose to get his ledger back. 12 “Radio-Dazed” TBA Boss Graves uses the radio show of Omnivorous Welles to cause a panic in Rep City. 13 “Where’s Ed?” TBA 14 “The Comeback Kid” TBA Bruno falls into a depression after accidentally hurting Buck. 15 “The Fabulous Brother Boys” TBA Graves enlists a lovely lady named Ruby to help in a revenge scheme against Howard Huge and T-Rex all fall for her. 16 “Play It Again” TBA Bugsy’s old flame comes to Rep city and her fiancée is kidnapped by the Corporation. 17 “Big Boss Blues” TBA T-Rex is tasked with escorting a famous piano player, but they and the Corporation mistake a phone book thief for him. 18 “Witness Protection” TBA Little Boss claims to want to turn states’ evidence on Graves in an attempt to learn the identities of T-Rex. 19 “The Biggest Chill” TBA One of Graves’ men buys and hides a rare stamp and Graves steals Professor Edison’s weather-controlling blimp to find it. 20 “Dance Fever” TBA Bernie and Myrna enter a dance competition at the Plantation, unaware that Big Boss Graves plans to hypnotize the contestants. 21 “The Contender” TBA Bruno becomes a boxer, setting him up against members of the Corporation. 22 “The Mayor’s Egg” TBA Mayor Maynot’s egg is kidnapped and Bubba is framed for it. 23 “The Flying Boat” TBA Little Boss and Shooter accidentally end up on Howard Huge’s seaplane and Bruno must overcome his fear of flying to help his brothers. 24 “Rep City Guru” TBA A guru is taking Rep City by storm, but he may not be all that he seems. 25 “The Kimono Caper” TBA The Corporation is stealing kimonos and T-Rex has to find out why. 26 “Doctor in the House” TBA T-Rex visits their parents and discovers that the Doctor is using plastic surgery to make lookalikes of the Corporation. 27 “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'” TBA 28 “Country Cousins” TBA Buck goes to the country to work on his banjo playing, but finds Graves’ henchmen trying to shake down some rutabaga farmers. 29 “The Rexmobile” TBA The Corporation steals the Rexmobile to aid in their car thefts. 30 “Really Big Foot” TBA Myrna is captured by a tribe to offer to Really Big Foot and T-Rex must save her. 31 “It’s All in the Cards” TBA A fortuneteller’s predictions make a superstitious Bubba overly paranoid. 32 “Flo and Ed” TBA After a fight with Graves, Flo starts dating Professor Edison to make him jealous. 33 “Fight at the Opera” TBA The Plantation hijacks an opera, one its cast being Buck’s girlfriend. 34 “The Rex Stuff” TBA Edison trains Bubba to be an astro-dino to study eclipses while Big Boss Graves tries to start an eclipse of his own. 35 “Rep City Blues” TBA T-Rex is tasked with making Chief Delaney and the police more competent. 36 “Radio Rip-off” TBA 37 “Ginger Snaps” TBA Ginger obtains money stolen by Little Boss and befriends Myrna’s overbearing mother. 38 “They Flap by Night” TBA A group of mysterious robberies are occurring and the culprits are a bunch of trained Pterosaurs. 39 “The Dough Stops Here” TBA 40 “Bungee Bandits” TBA Adder and Madder use bungee cords to try to rob jewels for Big Boss Graves’ wedding. 41 “The Best Offense” TBA In order to steal the Mona Lizard, Big Boss Graves has the Doctor analyze T-Rex for weaknesses where Graves’ minions make photographs to help out in the analyzing. 42 “My Fair Chain Gang” TBA Graves teaches the Chain Gang how to be sophisticated in order to have them infiltrate high-society parties. 43 “The Grand Science Fair” TBA Professor Edison’s brother Phineas comes to Rep City for the Grand Science Fair and T-Rex has to protect him from the Corporation. 44 “Crime Takes a Holiday” TBA Fed up with all the crime in Rep City, Myrna and Flo team up to deal with it themselves. 45 “The Rep City Rockets” TBA Angry that Bruno’s baseball team is keeping kids off the street, Big Boss Graves takes over their rival team. 46 “It’s a Gas” TBA Boss Graves uses sleeping gas to rob the entire city and Bugsy and Professor Edison have to find a cure to wake up the rest of T-Rex. 47 “The Big Bite” TBA 48 “Bag of Bones” TBA The Corporation follows Professor Edison to steal some ancient bones and end up stealing the Murray Award, earning the wrath of Really Big Foot. 49 “Up the River” TBA Bugsy and Bubba try to find their way to an army jungle camp while Boss Graves tries to find T-Rex’s transformation machine. 50 “Weekend in the Country” TBA T-Rex spends the weekend at a resort, only to find the Corporation is there too. 51 “Little Big Boss” TBA When Graves is arrested, Little Boss becomes head of the Corporation. 52 “Super T-Rex” TBA Little Boss is kicked out of the Corporation and befriends a monstrous sea dino. Meanwhile, Edison works on new armor for T-Rex.