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Place of origin Spain

Velázquez, also Velazquez, Velásquez or Velasquez (, ), is a surname from Spain. It is a patronymic name, meaning “son of Velasco”

References to “Velazquez” without a first name are often to the Spanish painter, Diego – see below.

Notable people with this surname include:

  • Consuelo Velázquez, 20th-century Mexican songwriter, best known for “Bésame mucho”
  • Daniel Velazquez, Puerto Rican rock guitarist
  • Diego Velázquez, Spaniard court painter to Philip IV of Spain, most famous for Las Meninas
  • Diego Velazquez (actor), American TV and film child actor
  • Héctor Velázquez Moreno, Mexican architect
  • Valerie Velazquez American singer, philanthropist
  • Jaci Velasquez, American contemporary Christian singer
  • Jesus Velasquez, fictional character in True Blood
  • Lorena Velázquez (born 1937), Mexican actress
  • Mark Velasquez (born 1977), American photographer
  • Nadine Velazquez, Puerto Rican-American actress and model
  • Patricia Velásquez (born 1971), Venezuelan actress and model
  • Regine Velasquez (born 1970), Filipina singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer
  • Tony Velasquez (1910–1997), Filipino illustrator



  • Andrew Velazquez (born 1994), American professional baseball player
  • Arly Velásquez, Mexican Paralympic alpine skier
  • Cain Velasquez (born 1982), Mexican American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Carlos Velásquez (born 1984), Puerto Rican boxer
  • Carlos Velázquez (footballer) (born 1984), Mexican footballer
  • Carlos Velázquez (baseball) (1948-2000), Puerto Rican major league pitcher
  • Claudia Velásquez (born 1975), Peruvian swimmer
  • Claudio Velásquez (born 1986), Argentine football striker
  • Cornelio Velásquez (born 1968), Panamanian jockey
  • Édgar Velásquez (born 1974), Venezuelan boxer
  • Emiliano Velázquez (born 1994), Uruguayan football defender
  • Flor Velázquez (born 1984), Venezuelan judoka
  • Francisco Velázquez (born 1975), former Argentine roller hockey player
  • Frank Velásquez (born 1990), Salvadoran beach footballer
  • Freddie Velázquez, Dominican Republic baseball player
  • Gilberto Velásquez (born 1983), Paraguayan footballer
  • Guillermo Velasquez (baseball) (born 1968), Mexican baseball player
  • Héctor Velásquez (1952–2010), Chilean boxer
  • Héctor Velázquez (baseball) (born 1988), Mexican baseball player
  • Iván Velásquez (born 1976), Colombian boxer
  • Jorge Velásquez (born 1946), American horse racing jockey
  • José Velásquez (footballer, born 1952) (born 1952), retired football midfielder from Peru
  • José David Velásquez, Honduran footballer
  • Juan Velásquez (born 1971), Peruvian footballer
  • Julián Velásquez (born 1920), Argentine fencer
  • Juliana Velasquez (born 1986), Brazilian professional mixed martial artist
  • Luis Velásquez (1919–1997), Guatemalan long-distance runner
  • Manuel Velazquez, 20th-century anti-boxing activist
  • Marco Velásquez (born 1987), Chilean footballer
  • Miguel Velasquez (born 1944), Spanish boxer
  • Nelson Velázquez (born 1998), Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Sebastián Velásquez (born 1991), Colombian footballer
  • Sergio Velasquez (born 1952), American soccer player
  • Víctor Velásquez (born 1976), Salvadoran footballer
  • Vince Velasquez (born 1992), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Wilfred Velásquez (born 1985), Guatemalan footballer
  • Wilmer Velásquez, Honduran football player
  • Andrew Velasquez (born 1969), American civil servant
  • Baldemar Velasquez (born 1947), president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL–CIO
  • Chico Velasquez (died 1854), Native American leader
  • Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, Spanish conquistador leader of the conquest of Cuba
  • Fidel Velázquez Sánchez, 20th-century Mexican union leader
  • José Velásquez (explorer) (1717–1785), Spanish explorar
  • José Velásquez Bórquez (1833–1897), Chilean general
  • Juan Velázquez Tlacotzin, puppet ruler of the Aztec Empire (1525–26)
  • Lizzie Velásquez (born 1989), author and motivational speaker, she is the index case for Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome
  • Loreta Janeta Velázquez (1842-1923), writer and alleged soldier
  • María Sofía Velásquez (born 1989), Panamanian beauty pageant winner
  • Richard Velazquez (born 1973), Tech Executive, Community Leader, First Puerto Rican designer for Porsche AG in Germany
  • René Velázquez Valenzuela (died 2016), Mexican suspected hitman
  • Ronny Velásquez (born 1951), Venezuelan anthropologist

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