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Trunk road in Rhodes, Greece

Coordinates: 36°15′45″N 28°08′39″E / 36.2625°N 28.1443°E / 36.2625; 28.1443

National Road 95 is one of the main arteries on the island of Rhodes, Greece. It connects the city of Rhodes with the village of Lindos.


Current routing is fairly new as it was completed in 1974 replacing the old national road which was narrow and curvy. Until 1999 it was a single carriageway that, especially during summer time, made driving to the south east part of the island a bad experience. In 1999 the first part of the road from the city to Faliraki was expanded to a dual carriageway with 4 lanes and jersey barrier island. Nowadays (Jun18) further widening of the road from Faliraki to Kolympia is completed and in use.

GR-95 is a 46 km north–south avenue connecting Rhodes City to Lindos. Its northern end is supposedly at the port of Rhodes City but in reality becomes an avenue at Exit 1/Rodini Junction. From there up until Exit 21/Kolympia is dual carriageway with speed limits varying due to passing within residential and tourist areas. Due to lack of funds, almost all main junctions till Kolympia are traffic lighted – some 20 exits with traffic lights are in use currently. From Kolympia to Lindos the road becomes single carriageway making junctions hard to record, as every 50 or 100 metres one exists. Since 2014, roundabouts were constructed in major crossroads in this part of GR-95.

The main junctions of the road are (Rhodes City to Lindos direction):

National Road 95
Exit[1] Junction name[1] ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Access to other places
1 Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Rhodes City 0,0 45,7 Rodini district, Rhodes-Kallithea Avenue
2 AB-AZ-blau.svg Ilia Venezi 1,7 44,0 Analipsi, Ilioupoli, Ag. Apostoloi districts, Zeichen 358 - Erste Hilfe, StVO 1992.svg Hospital
3 AB-AZ-blau.svg Apollon 2,6 43,1 Apollon district, Jumbo
4 AB-AZ-blau.svg Asgourou 3,9 41,8
5 AB-AZ-blau.svg Agios Hristoforos 4,9 40,8 Tris, Ixia, Ialysos, Rhodes-Kamiros Avenue
6 AB-AZ-blau.svg Koskinou 5,5 40,2 Koskinou village, Zeichen 358 - Erste Hilfe, StVO 1992.svg Euromedica Private Hospital
7 AB-AZ-blau.svg Tsairi 7,3 38,4 Kremasti, Pastida, Maritsa villages, RWBA Flughafen(R).svg Rhodes Airport
8 AB-AZ-blau.svg Kalythies north 9,0 36,7 Kalythies village
9 AB-AZ-blau.svg Faliraki resort 10,1 35,6 Kastri, Water Park, Ammoudes, Kallithea Springs
10 AB-AZ-blau.svg Faliraki centre 11,1 34,6
11 AB-AZ-blau.svg Kalythies centre 11,6 34,1 Kalythies village
12 AB-AZ-blau.svg Ladiko 12,6 33,1 Ladiko Beach, Anthony Quinn Bay
13 AB-AZ-blau.svg Kalythies south 14,2 31,5 Kalythies village, Traounou Beach
14 AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou golf 15,6 30,1 Afantou golf beach north, Golf Course
15 AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou centre 16,0 29,7 Afantou town
16 AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou local #1 16,6 29,1 Local roads
17 AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou local #2 17,0 28,7 Local roads
18A AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou Interchange 17,9 —- Afantou town
18B AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou Interchange —- 28,0 Afantou town, Afantou golf beach south
19 AB-AZ-blau.svg Afantou south 19,1 26,6 Afantou town
20 AB-AZ-blau.svg Local Roads 20,1 25,6 Dual junction with 2 set of traffic lights in 100m distance for left turns
21AB-ende-blau.svg Kolympia 21,8 23,9 Kolympia resort, Epta Piges (7 Springs), Archipoli – single carriageway
AB-AZ.svg Tsampika Beach 24,1 21,6 single carriageway
AB-AZ.svg Tsampika monastery 25,2 20,5 single carriageway
AB-AZ.svg Archangelos 27,0 18,7 single carriageway
AB-AZ.svg Archangelos south 28,8 16,9 single carriageway – roundabout junction
AB-AZ.svg Charaki 33,5 12,2 Malonas, Charaki, Agathi beach – single carriageway – roundabout junction
AB-AZ.svg Masari 34,8 10,7 single carriageway – roundabout junction
AB-AZ.svg Kalathos 40,8 4,9 single carriageway
AB-AZ.svg South Rhodes 42,0 3,7 Lindos, Pefkos, Lardos, Kiotari, Gennadi, Kattavia, Prasonisi – single carriageway – roundabout junction
AB-AZ.svg Lindos 45,7 0,0 single carriageway

Future plans[edit]

In June 2018 South Aegean regional governor announced that further widening of the avenue from Kolympia to Lindos is back on track as a works prestudy and an environmental study were finally submitted for approval and estimating that by 2019 June the complete study will be ready in order for funds to be allocated and proceed with a tender. According to same announcement, the prestudy includes same characteristics as the Rhodes to Kolympia section meaning two lanes per direction divided by a jersey island while for the first time constructions of 3 interchanges is included. Moreover, avenue will follow a new route in the rocky area surrounding Tsambika monastery bypassing it on the northwest end instead of the current southeast route.[2]

Its also worth noting that if and when city ring road phase 2 goes ahead, an interchange is planned connecting Rhodes-Lindos Avenue to the ring road. Finally, a useful addition would be interchanges at exits 1, 4 and 7 which are usually congested and accidents are not rare.

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