List of people from Chicago

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson Berlinale 2017.jpg Aug 9, 1968 Actress Born in Chicago Stanley Andrews Stanley Andrews 1953.JPG Aug 28, 1891 Jun 23, 1969 Actor Born in Chicago Dominic Armato Dominic Armato.jpg Nov 18, 1976 Voice actor Born in Chicago Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette 2015.jpg Apr 8, 1968 Actress Born in Chicago Reiko Aylesworth Reiko aylesworth.jpeg Dec 9, 1972 Actress Barney Balaban Jun 8, 1887 Mar 7, 1971 Head of Paramount Pictures Bob Balaban Bob Balaban 2012 Shankbone.JPG Aug 16, 1945 Actor, director and producer Born in Chicago Adam Baldwin Adam Baldwin by Gage Skidmore.jpg Feb 27, 1962 Actor Leonard Baldy Leonard Baldy.JPG Feb 15, 1927 May 2, 1960 Police officer; Chicago’s first helicopter traffic reporter Ryan Bank Apr 27, 1981 Media producer Ike Barinholtz Ike Barinholtz at PaleyFest 2013.jpg Feb 18, 1977 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago Ralph Bellamy Ralph Bellamy still.jpg Jun 17, 1904 Nov 29, 1991 Actor Born in Chicago Jim Belushi Belushi.jpg Jun 15, 1954 Actor, comedian Born in Chicago John Belushi John Belushi HS Yearbook.jpeg Jan 24, 1949 Mar 5, 1982 Actor, comedian Born, lived & worked in Chicago Chloe Bennet Chloe Bennet by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg Apr 18, 1992 Actress, singer Born in Chicago Jack Benny JackBenny1958Cropped.jpg Feb 14, 1894 Dec 26, 1974 Actor, comedian Born in Chicago Tom Berenger Tom Berenger - Monte-Carlo Television Festival.jpg May 31, 1949 Actor Born in Chicago Edgar Bergen EdgarBergenandCharlieMcCarthyStageDoorCanteen1.jpg Feb 16, 1903 Sep 30, 1978 Ventriloquist Born in Chicago Shelley Berman Shelley berman 1960s.jpg Feb 3, 1925 Sep 1, 2017 Comedian Born in Chicago Carlos Bernard Carlos Bernard cropped.jpg Oct 12, 1962 Actor Michael Ian Black Michael Ian Black May 2015.jpg Aug 12, 1971 Comedian Born in Chicago Budd Boetticher Jul 29, 1916 Nov 29, 2001 Film director Born in Chicago Tom Bosley Tom Bosley 1960.JPG Oct 1, 1927 Oct 19, 2010 Actor Born in Chicago Charles Boyce Sep 21, 1949 Syndicated cartoonist Andre Braugher Andre Braugher 2011 (cropped).jpg Jul 1, 1962 Actor Born in Chicago Buddy Bregman Buddy Bregman 1959.JPG Jul 9, 1930 Jan 8, 2017 Composer Pat Byrnes Cartoonist for The New Yorker Colt Cabana Colt Cabana.jpg May 6, 1980 Professional wrestler Lives in Chicago [106] John Calhoun John Calhoun.png Apr 14, 1808 Feb 20, 1859 Founding publisher, the Chicago Democrat Cook County Treasurer (1837-1841); Chicago City Councilman, 1841-1842 Monique Calhoun Model Charmian Carr Evening Primrose Charmian Carr 1966 redone (cropped).jpg Dec 27, 1942 Sep 17, 2016 actress Born in Chicago John Chambers Sep 12, 1922 Aug 25, 2001 Academy Award-winning make-up artist Born in Chicago [107] Steve Carell Steve Carell November 2014.jpg Aug 16, 1962 Actor, comedian, producer, writer and director Lived & worked in Chicago [citation needed] Allan Carr Allan Carr at 1989 Academy Awards.jpg May 27, 1937 Jun 29, 1999 Producer Born in Chicago Sarah Wayne Callies Sarah Wayne Callies Comic-Con 4, 2012.jpg Jun 1, 1977 Actress Dan Castellaneta Dan Castellaneta cropped.jpg Oct 29, 1957 Actor and comedian Lives in Chicago Kyle Chavarria Jan 26, 1995 Actress Born in Chicago Whitney Chitwood Stand-up comedian Lives in Chicago Anna Chlumsky Anna Chlumsky, 2013.jpg Dec 3, 1980 Actress Born in Chicago Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert December 2017.jpg May 13, 1964 Comedian, TV host, actor, and writer Lived & worked in Chicago Lana Condor Lana Condor 2015.jpg May 11, 1997 Actress Lived in Chicago Don Cornelius Don Cornelius at Soul Train 40th anniversary.jpg Sep 27, 1936 Feb 1, 2012 Creator and former host of Soul Train Born in Chicago Cindy Crawford CindyCrawfordOct09.jpg Feb 20, 1966 Model and actress Lived in Chicago [citation needed] Joan Cusack Joan Cusack June 2010 cropped.jpg Oct 11, 1962 Actress and comedian Lives in Chicago John Cusack John Cusack Cannes 2014.jpg Jun 28, 1966 Actor Lives in Chicago Clifton Davis Clifton Davis.jpg Oct 4, 1945 Actor, composer and minister Born in Chicago May de Sousa Sousa 4408110341 d6a67e7c2a o.jpg Nov 6, 1884 Aug 8, 1948 Actress and singer Born, raised, and died in Chicago Walt Disney Walt disney portrait.jpg Dec 5, 1901 Dec 15, 1966 Founder of The Walt Disney Company Born on the second floor of the house at 2156 Tripp Avenue, in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago [108] Matt Doherty Jun 22, 1978 Actor Jimmy Dore Jimmy Dore cropped.jpg July 26, 1965 stand-up comedian and political commentator Born in Chicago Mike Douglas Mike Douglas 1966.JPG Aug 11, 1920 Aug 11, 2006 Talk show host Born in Chicago Katie Doyle Castmember of MTV’s Road Rules Brian Doyle-Murray Brian Doyle Murray - Christmas Under Wraps 2014 (QpcpZ AHy8M).jpg Oct 31, 1945 Actor Born in Chicago Moosie Drier Aug 6, 1964 Actor and director Born in Chicago Michael Clarke Duncan MichaelClarkeDuncanJan09.jpg Dec 10, 1957 Sep 3, 2012 Actor Born in Chicago Kevin Dunn Kevin Dunn 2014.jpg Aug 24, 1956 Actor Born in Chicago Dennis Farina Dennis Farina 2011 Shankbone.JPG Feb 29, 1944 Jul 22, 2013 Actor, Chicago police officer Born and raised in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago [109] Mimsy Farmer Mimsy Farmer 1975b.jpg Feb 28, 1945 Actress and sculptor Born in Chicago Jon Favreau Jon Favreau 2016.jpeg Oct 19, 1966 Actor, writer, and director Lived & worked in Chicago Tina Fey Tina Fey by Gage Skidmore.jpg May 18, 1970 Actress, comedian, and writer Lived & worked in Chicago Karen Finley Karen Finley 2014.jpg 1956 Performance artist, actress, artist, and recording artist Born in Chicago Michael Flatley Flatley alone cropped.jpg Jul 16, 1958 Dancer Born in Chicago Neil Flynn NeilFlynnHWOFMay2012.jpg Nov 13, 1960 Actor Born, lived & worked in Chicago; raised in Chicago suburb, Waukegan Harrison Ford Harrison Ford by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg Jul 13, 1942 Actor Born in Chicago; raised in Chicago suburb, Des Plaines [110] Drew Fortier Drew Fortier.jpg Jul 14, 1987 Musician, filmmaker, actor, and author Born and raised in Chicago [111] Bob Fosse Bob Fosse 1963 (cropped).jpg Jun 23, 1927 Sep 23, 1987 Director, choreographer, and dancer Born in Chicago Redd Foxx Redd Foxx 1966.JPG Dec 9, 1922 Oct 11, 1991 Actor and comedian Grew up in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago Dennis Franz Dennis Franz (1994).jpg Oct 28, 1944 Actor Kathleen Freeman Kathleen Freeman in Three on a Couch.jpg Feb 17, 1923 Aug 23, 2001 Actress Born in Chicago Marla Gibbs Marla Gibbs.jpg Jun 14, 1931 Actress Born in Chicago Zach Gilford Jan 14, 1982 Actor Ira Glass Ira Glass CMU 2006.jpg Mar 3, 1959 NPR broadcaster Lived & worked in Chicago Arlene Golonka Arlene Golonka Mayberry RFD 1969.JPG Jan 23, 1936 Actress Born in Chicago Stuart Gordon Gordon, Stuart (2007).jpg Aug 11, 1947 Mar 24, 2020 Playwright, screenwriter, film director and producer Chuck Goudie Jan 17, 1956 Television reporter and columnist [citation needed] Michael Gray Sep 2, 1951 Actor on Shazam! Alexandra Grey Alexandra Grey in 2016.jpg Jan 1, 1991 Actress and musician [citation needed] Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin 2015 TCA Press Tour (cropped).jpg Nov 4, 1960 Actress and comedian [citation needed] Michael Gross Michael Gross at the 39th Emmy Awards cropped.jpg Jun 21, 1947 Actor Born in Chicago Kevin Hagen Apr 3, 1928 Jul 9, 2005 Actor Born in Chicago Daryl Hannah Daryl Hannah.jpeg Dec 3, 1960 Actress Born in Chicago Cory Hardrict Nov 9, 1979 Actor Born in Chicago Steve Harris Dec 3, 1965 Actor Born in Chicago Wood Harris Wood harris air force1.jpg Oct 17, 1969 Actor Born in Chicago Hugh Hefner Hugh Hefner Glamourcon 2010.jpg Apr 9, 1926 Sep 27, 2017 Publisher Born, lived & worked in Chicago Jim O’Heir Jim O'Heir 2012 (2) (cropped).jpg Feb 4, 1962 Actor and Comedian Born and lived in Chicago Marilu Henner Marilu Henner 2011.jpg Apr 6, 1952 Actress Born in Chicago Andy Herren Nov 14, 1986 Reality-TV contestant; winner of Big Brother 15; show’s first openly gay winner Currently lives in Chicago Mark Hollmann Composer and lyricist (Urinetown) [citation needed] Terrence Howard Terrence Howard TIFF 2011 (cropped).jpg Mar 11, 1969 Actor Born in Chicago Jennifer Hudson Jennifer-hudson-gesf-2018-8400.jpg Sep 12, 1981 Actress, singer Born in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago John Hughes Feb 18, 1950 Aug 6, 2009 Film director and screenwriter Raised in Chicago suburb, Northbrook. Lived & worked in Chicago. Bonnie Hunt Bonniehunt06.jpg Sep 22, 1961 Actress, comedian, director, producer Born in Chicago Mel Jackson Oct 13, 1970 Actor Born in Chicago Sam J. Jones Sam J. Jones (30810249013).jpg Aug 12, 1954 Actor Born in Chicago William James Jones Actor Born in Chicago Philip Kaufman Philip Kaufman 03.jpg Oct 23, 1936 Film director Born in Chicago Rachna Khatau Jan 29, 1981 Actress, writer, singer Raised in Chicago Dorothy Kilgallen Dorothy Kilgallen 1952.png Jul 3, 1913 Nov 8, 1965 Media Personality, Author, Journalist, Panelist Born in Chicago Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss.jpg Aug 3, 1992 Model Born in Chicago Harvey Korman Harvey-Korman.jpg Feb 15, 1927 May 29, 2008 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago Tessa Kosta Tessa Kosta 01.JPG Dec 12, 1890 Aug 23, 1981 Actress (musicals) Born in Chicago Greg Kotis Greg Kotis at The Tank, December 2018.jpg Playwright (Urinetown) Mike Lebovitz Mike Lebovitz.jpg Comedian Born in Chicago Charles Levin Mar 12, 1949 July 2019 Actor Born in Chicago Clara Lipman Clara Lipman, stage actress. Baker.jpg 1864 1952 Stage actress and playwright Born in Chicago Ron Livingston RonLivingstonMay10.jpg Jun 5, 1967 Actor Richard Long Nanny and the Professor Richard Long 1970.jpg Dec 17, 1927 Dec 21, 1974 Actor Born in Chicago John Loprieno Oct 7, 1960 Actor Born in Chicago [112] Dave Losso Stand-up comedian Born in Chicago Lar Lubovitch Lar Lubovitch - 1971.jpg Apr 9, 1943 Choreographer Born in Chicago Bernie Mac BernieMacSoulMenMarch08.jpg Oct 5, 1957 Aug 9, 2008 Actor and comedian Born and died in Chicago Justina Machado Justina Machado at Queen of the South at ATX.jpg Sep 6, 1972 Actress Born in Chicago William H. Macy WilliamHMacyTIFFSept2012.jpg Mar 13, 1950 Actor and producer Lived in Chicago Amy Madigan Amy Madigan 1989.jpg Sep 11, 1950 Actress Born in Chicago John Mahoney John Mahoney 1994.JPG Jun 20, 1940 Feb 4, 2018 Actor Lived & worked in Chicago Karl Malden Karl Malden - autographed.jpg Mar 22, 1912 Jul 1, 2009 Actor Born in Chicago John Malkovich John Malkovich KVIFF 2.jpg Dec 9, 1953 Actor Lived & worked in Chicago David Mamet David Mamet 2 by David Shankbone.JPG Nov 30, 1947 Playwright, poet, screenwriter, and director Born, lived & worked in Chicago Larry Manetti Jul 23, 1947 Actor Born in Chicago Harry Manfredini Aug 25, 1943 Composer Born in Chicago Michael Mann Michael Mann - French Cinematheque - 4th July 2009.jpg Feb 5, 1943 Film director, writer, and producer Born in Chicago Joe Mantegna JoeMantegnaMay08.jpg Nov 13, 1947 Actor Born in Chicago Ron Masak Ron Masak 1973.JPG Jul 1, 1936 Actor Born in Chicago Chi McBride Sep 23, 1961 Actor Born in Chicago Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy at E3 2006.jpg Nov 1, 1972 Actress and Playboy model Lived in Chicago LisaRaye McCoy LisaRaye-McCoy Chicago 100612 photoby-Adam-Bielawski.jpg Sep 23, 1967 Actress Born in Chicago Frances McDormand Frances McDormand 2015 (cropped).jpg Jun 23, 1957 Actress Born in Chicago Laurie Metcalf Lauriemetcalf.jpg Jun 16, 1955 Actress Vincente Minnelli Vincent Minelli - 1950s.jpg Feb 28, 1903 Jul 25, 1986 Film director Born in Chicago Kel Mitchell Womens Image Network Awards (52).jpg Aug 25, 1978 Actor and comedian Born In Chicago Rick Moranis Rick Moranis at the 62nd Academy Awards.jpg Apr 18, 1953 Actor and comedian Cindy Morgan CindyMorgan.JPG Sep 29, 1954 Actress Born in Chicago Trevor Morgan Nov 26, 1986 Actor Born in Chicago Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison SDCC 2014.jpg Apr 12, 1979 Actress and producer Born in Chicago John Mulaney John Mulaney at PaleyFest 2014.jpg Aug 26, 1982 Comedian Born in Chicago Bill Murray Bill Murray by Gage Skidmore.jpg Sep 21, 1950 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago suburb, Evanston; raised in Wilmette; lived & worked in Chicago Bob Newhart Comedian Bob Newhart.jpg Sep 5, 1929 Actor and comedian Nichelle Nichols Nichelle Nichols by Gage Skidmore.jpg Dec 28, 1932 Jul 30, 2022 Actress Lives in Chicago Richard Nickel May 31, 1928 Apr 13, 1972 Photographer Born in Chicago Ken Nordine Apr 13, 1920 Feb 16, 2019 Voiceover and Word Jazz recording artist Kim Novak Kim Novak, 1962.jpg Feb 13, 1933 Actress Born in Chicago Donald O’Connor Donald O'Connor 1952.JPG Aug 28, 1925 Sep 27, 2003 Actor and dancer Born in Chicago Matt O’Leary Fat-Kid-Premiere-025.jpg Jul 6, 1987 Actor Born in Chicago Keke Palmer Keke Palmer.jpg Aug 26, 1993 Actress and singer [citation needed] Mandy Patinkin MandyPatinkin.jpg Nov 30, 1952 Actor and singer Born in Chicago Jeannie Pepper Dave Cummings, Jeannie Pepper at IA2000 2 (cropped).jpg Jul 9, 1958 Adult film actress Born in Chicago Jeff Perry Jeff Perry 2 Peabody 2014 (cropped).jpg Aug 16, 1955 Actor William Petersen WilliamPetersen.jpg Feb 21, 1953 Actor Born in Chicago suburb, Evanston; lived & worked in Chicago Wally Pfister Jul 8, 1961 Cinematographer Born in Chicago Jeremy Felton Jeremih 2015.jpg Jul 17, 1987 Rapper Jeremy Piven JeremyPivenFeb09.jpg Jul 26, 1965 Actor [citation needed] Bonnie Poe Oct 15, 1912 Oct 16, 1993 Actress, voice actress Born in Chicago Danny Pudi Danny Pudi by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg Mar 10, 1979 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago CM Punk CM Punk new nexus.jpg Oct 26, 1978 Professional wrestler, professional mixed martial arts commentator, actor, and retired mixed martial artist Born & lives in Chicago [113] Harold Ramis Harold Ramis Oct 2009.jpg Nov 21, 1944 Feb 24, 2014 Actor, director, and comedian Born, lived & worked in Chicago Bill Rancic BillRancic Web.jpg May 16, 1971 Winner of The Apprentice Born in Chicago Robert Reed Robert Reed 1971.JPG Oct 19, 1932 May 12, 1992 Actor John C. Reilly JohnCReillyJune09.jpg May 24, 1965 Actor Born in Chicago Ed Renwick Jun 1, 1938 Mar 6, 2020 Political commentator on WWL-TV (CBS affiliate) in New Orleans, Louisiana Born in Chicago [114] Shonda Rhimes Shonda Rhimes 2008.jpg Jan 13, 1970 Screenwriter, director, and producer (creator and executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy) Born in Chicago Lucille Ricksen Lucille Ricksen starso1924.jpg Aug 22, 1910 Mar 13, 1925 Actress Born in Chicago John Ridgely John Ridgely in Destination Tokyo trailer.jpg Sep 6, 1909 Jan 18, 1968 Actor Born in Chicago Justin Roberts Justin Roberts WWE Ring Announcer RAW House Show 6-23-07.jpg Dec 29, 1979 Professional wrestling ring announcer Born in Chicago Craig Robinson Craig Robinson 2009.jpg Oct 25, 1971 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago Michael Rooker Michael Rooker SDCC 2013 Guardians.jpg Apr 6, 1955 Actor Moved to Chicago at age 13 [115][116][117] Jonathan Rosenbaum Jonathan Rosenbaum, 2013.jpg Feb 27, 1943 Film critic Jennifer Runyon Jennifer Runyon at the Chiller Theatre Expo 2017.jpg Apr 1, 1960 Actress Born in Chicago Robert Ryan Robert Ryan in Marine Raiders.JPG Nov 11, 1909 Jul 11, 1973 Actor Born in Chicago Pat Sajak National Memorial Day Parade, Grand Marshall, Pat Sajak, Mon 30 May 2011 (11).jpg Oct 26, 1946 Game show host Born in Chicago Tony Sam Tony Sam.jpg Comedian, actor, television producer Born in Chicago Horatio Sanz Horatio Sanz on Behind The Velvet Rope TV (cropped).jpg Jun 4, 1969 Actor and comedian Grew up in Chicago Fred Savage FredSavage1989.jpg Jul 9, 1976 Actor director and producer Born in Chicago Ben Savage Ben Savage 2015 (cropped).jpg Sep 12, 1980 Actor Born in Chicago Stefanie Scott Stefanie Scott, No Strings Attached Premiere crop.jpg Dec 6, 1996 Actress and singer Born in Chicago Amy Sedaris Amy Sedaris080112.jpg Mar 29, 1961 Actress Lived & worked in Chicago David Sedaris David Sedaris-4724.jpg Dec 26, 1956 Radio broadcaster and author Garry Shandling Garry Shandling at the 39th Emmy Awards cropped.jpg Nov 29, 1949 Mar 24, 2016 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago [118] Kiernan Shipka
Kiernan Shipka in 2018 - 1.png
Nov 10, 1999 Actress Born in Chicago Sherri Shepherd Sherri Shepherd.jpg Apr 22, 1967 Actress and comedian Born in Chicago Rondell Sheridan Aug 15, 1958 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago Gary Sinise Gary Sinise 2011 (cropped).jpg Mar 17, 1955 Actor; co-founder of Steppenwolf Theatre Company Born in Chicago suburb, Blue Island. Lived & worked in Chicago. John Stagliano John Stagliano 2009.jpg Nov 29, 1951 Adult film actor and director Born in Chicago Todd Stashwick Todd Stashwick - NYCC 2015 Con Man Bus.jpg Oct 16, 1968 Actor Born in Chicago Michael Stoyanov Dec 14, 1970 Actor Born in Chicago Joe Swanberg Joe Swanberg 2014.jpg Aug 31, 1981 Film director and actor Lives & works in Chicago Gloria Swanson Gloria Swanson - 1950.jpg Mar 27, 1899 Apr 4, 1983 Actress Born in Chicago Mr. T Mr T WWE Hall of Fame 2014 (cropped).jpg May 21, 1952 Actor, evangelist Born in Chicago Rea Tajiri Filmmaker Born in Chicago Larenz Tate Sep 8, 1975 Actor Born in Chicago Giorgio Tozzi Jan 8, 1923 May 30, 2011 Singer and actor Born in Chicago Sarah Truax Sarah Truax 06.JPG Feb 12, 1872 May 2, 1958 Broadway and Hollywood actress Raised in Chicago Melvin Van Peebles Lozupone-melvinvanpeebles2015.png Aug 21, 1932 Sep 22, 2021 Director Born in Chicago Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn in Los Angeles, California (2015) - 1.jpg Mar 28, 1970 Actor Raised in Chicago suburbs, Buffalo Grove and Lake Forest; worked and lives in Chicago [119] Matt Walsh Matt Walsh 2014.jpg Oct 13, 1964 Comedian, co-founder of Upright Citizens Brigade Born, lived & worked in Chicago Marsha Warfield Mar 5, 1954 Actress Born in Chicago Carol Wayne Sep 6, 1942 Jan 13, 1985 Actress Born in Chicago Jason Weaver Jul 18, 1979 Actor and singer Born in Chicago George Wendt George Wendt at the 41st Emmy Awards cropped.jpg Oct 17, 1948 Actor Born, lived & worked in Chicago Raquel Welch RaquelWelchApr2010(2).jpg Sep 5, 1940 Actress Born in Chicago Orson Welles Orson-Welles-Studio-1938.jpg May 6, 1915 Oct 10, 1985 Actor, director, writer, and producer Lived in Chicago Steve Wilkos 10.14.12SteveWilkosByLuigiNovi.jpg Mar 9, 1964 Talk show host Born in Chicago Robin Williams Robin Williams (6451536411) (cropped).jpg Jul 21, 1951 Aug 11, 2014 Actor and comedian Born in Chicago Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey (2004).jpg Jan 29, 1954 Talk show hostess, actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Lived & worked in Chicago Robert Young Robert Young 1957.JPG Feb 22, 1907 Jul 21, 1998 Actor Born in Chicago Billy Zane Billy Zane2.jpg Feb 24, 1966 Actor Born in Chicago Robert Zemeckis Robert Zemeckis May 14, 1951 Director, producer, and writer Born in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago Florenz Ziegfeld Florenz-Ziegfeld-1928.jpg Mar 21, 1867 Jul 22, 1932 Impresario Born in Chicago Adrian Zmed AdrianZmedOct08 cropped.jpg Mar 14, 1954 Actor Born in Chicago Edward Zwick Edward Zwick 2016.jpg Oct 8, 1952 Director, producer, and writer Born in Chicago Harold Bradley Jr. Harold Willard Bradley Jr 2014.jpg Oct 13, 1929 Apr 13, 2021 Former American football player and actor, singer, artist, TV host and painter. Born in Chicago