Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Performance

Year Winner(s) Title Nominees Ref. 1959 Hollywood String Quartet Beethoven: Quartet 130 [1] 1960 Arthur Rubinstein Beethoven: Sonata No. 21 in C (Waldstein); Sonata No. 18 in E Flat [2] 1961 Laurindo Almeida Conversations with the Guitar [3] 1962 Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky, William Primrose Beethoven: Serenade, Op. 8; Kodály: Duo for Violin and Cello, Op. 7 [4] 1963 Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky, William Primrose The Heifetz-Piatgorsky Concerts with Primrose, Pennario and Guests [5] 1964 Julian Bream Consort An Evening of Elizabethan Music [6] 1965 Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky, Jacob Lateiner Beethoven: Trio No. 1 in E Flat, Op. 1, No. 1 [7] Noah Greenberg conducting New York Pro Musica It Was a Lover and His Lass (Morley, Byrd and Others) 1966 Juilliard String Quartet Bartók: The 6 String Quartets [8] 1967 Boston Symphony Chamber Players Boston Symphony Chamber Players – Works of Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Fine, Copland, Carter, Piston [9] 1968 Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin East Meets West [10] 1969 Vittorio Negri (conductor), E Power Biggs with the Edward Tarr Brass Ensemble & Gabrieli Consort Glory of Gabrieli Vol. II – Canzonas for Brass, Winds, Strings and Organs [11] 1970 Chicago Brass Ensemble, Cleveland Brass Ensemble, and Philadelphia Brass Ensemble Gabrieli: Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli (Canzoni for Brass Choirs) [12] 1971 Eugene Istomin, Isaac Stern, Leonard Rose Beethoven: The Complete Piano Trios [13] 1972 Julliard String Quartet Debussy: Quartet in G Minor; Ravel: Quartet in F Major [14] 1973 Julian Bream, John Williams Julian and John (selections by Lawes, Carulli, Albéniz, Granados) [15] 1974 Gunther Schuller (conductor), New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble Joplin: The Red Back Book [16] 1975 Pierre Fournier, Arthur Rubinstein & Henryk Szeryng ‘Brahms: Trios (Complete)/Schumann: Trio No. 1 in D Minor 1976 Arthur Rubinstein, Henryk Szeryng, Pierre Fournier Schubert: Trios No. 1 in B Flat Major, Op. 99 and No. 2 in E Flat Major, Op. 100 (Piano Trios) [17] 1977 David Munrow (conductor), Early Music Consort of London The Art of Courtly Love
  • The Cleveland Quartet for Barber: Quartet for Strings, Op. 11; Ives: Quartet No. 2 for Strings (Two American Masterpieces)
  • Jean-Pierre Rampal, Claude Bolling for Bolling: Suite for Flute and Piano
  • Jacquline du Pre, Daniel Barenboim for Beethoven: Sonatas for Cello (Complete)
  • Prague String Quartet for Dvořák: Quartets, Opp. 96 and 105
  • Glenn Gould and Philadelphia Brass Ensemble for Hindemith: Sonatas for Brass and Piano
  • Tashi (Peter Serkin, Fred Sherry, Ida Kavafian, Richard Stoltzman) for Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time
  • Thomas Iglois, Alberni Quartet for Schubert: Quintet in C, Op. 163
  • Fitzwilliam Quartet for Shostakovich: Quartet No. 14 in F Sharp Major
  • Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky for The Heifetz-Piatigorsky Concerts
[18] 1978 Juilliard String Quartet Schoenberg: Quartets for Strings (Complete)
  • David Munrow (conductor), Early Music Consort of London for A Contemporary Elizabethan Concert (Dowland, Williams, Purcell, etc.)
  • Guarneri Quartet for Bartók: Quartets for Strings (6)
  • Prague String Quartet for Dvořák: Quartets No. 8 in E Major, Op. 80, and No. 10 in E Flat Major, Op. 51
  • Emanuel Ax, Cleveland Quartet for Dvořák: Quintet for Piano in A Major, Op. 81
  • Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Martine Geliot, Alla Rakha for Improvisations: East Meets West, Album 3
  • Pezzo Elegiaco, Vladimir Horowitz, Isaac Stern, Mstislav Rostropovich for Rachmaninov: Sonata for Cello and Piano in G Minor, Op. 19, Andante; tTchaikovsky: Trio for Piano
[19] 1979 Itzhak Perlman, Vladimir Ashkenazy Beethoven: Sonatas for Violin and Piano (Complete) [20] 1980 Dennis Russell Davies (conductor) and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Copland: Appalachian Spring
  • Tokyo String Quartet for Debussy: Quartet in G Minor; Ravel: Quartet in F
  • Itzhak Perlman, Lynn Harrell and Pinchas Zukerman for Dohnányi: Serenade, Op. 10; Beethoven: Serenade, Op. 8
  • Fitzwilliam Quartet for Shostakovich: Quartets Nos. 5 and 6
  • Jacqueline du Pre, Daniel Barenboim for Brahms: Sonata in F Minor and F Major for Cello and Piano
  • Itzhak Perlman, Vladimir Ashkenazy for Prokofiev: Sonatas for Violin and Piano
  • Michael Debost, James Galway for Telemann: 6 Sonatas for 2 Flutes
  • Yoshikazu Fukumura (conductor), the Koto Flute, Ransom Wilson and The New Koto Ensemble of Tokyo for Vivaldi: 4 Flute Concertos
  • Pierre Boulez, Daniel Barenboim, Pinchas Zukerman, Pay and Ensemble Inter-Contemporain for Berg: Chamber Concerto for Piano and Violin; 4 Pieces for Clarinet and Piano
  • Pinchas Zukerman, Claude Bolling, Max Hediguer and Marcel Sabiani for Bolling: Suite for Violin and Jazz Piano
[21] 1981 Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman Music for 2 Violins (Moszkowski: Suite for 2 Violins; Shostakovich: Duets; Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 Violins) [22] 1982 Itzhak Perlman, Lynn Harrell and Vladimir Ashkenazy Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio in A Minor [23] 1983 Richard Stoltzman, Richard Goode Brahms: The Sonatas for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 120
  • Guarneri Quartet for Borodin: Quartet No. 2 in D Major; Dohnányi: Quartet No. 2 in D Flat Major, Op. 15
  • Lynn Harrell, Vladimir Ashkenazy for Brahms: Sonatas for Cello and Piano No. 1 in E Minot, Op. 38, and NO. 2 in F Major, Op. 99
  • Cleveland Quartet, Pinchas Zukerman, Bernard Greenhouse for Brahms: The String Sextets (B Flat Major, Op. 18, and G Major, Op. 36)
  • James Galway, Kyung-Wha Chung, Phillip Moll, Moray Welsh for Bach: Trio Sonatas (BWV 1038, 1039, 1079)
[24] 1984 Mstislav Rostropovich, Rudolf Serkin Brahms: Sonata for Cello and Piano in E Minor, Op. 38, and Sonata in F Major, Op. 99 [25] 1985 Juilliard String Quartet Beethoven: The Late String Quartets
  • The Cleveland Quartet, Emmanuel Ax for Brahms: Piano Quintet in F Minor, Op. 34
  • Guarneri Quartet, Pinchas Zukerman for Brahms: The String Quintet in F & G
  • Michael Riesman (conductor), The Philip Glass Ensemble for Glass: The Photographer
  • Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Ikwhan Bae, Carol Shive, Karen Dreyfus, Fred Sherry for Corea: Lyric Suite for Sextet
  • Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim for Beethoven: Violin Sonatas K. 301-4
[26] 1986 Emmanuel Ax, Yo-Yo Ma Brahms: Cello and Piano Sonatas in E Major and F Major [27] 1987 Emmanuel Ax, Yo-Yo Ma Beethoven: Cello and Piano Sonata No. 4 in C and Variations [28] 1988 Itzhak Perlman, Lynn Harrell, Vladimir Ashkenazy Beethoven: The Complete Piano Trios
  • Murray Perahia, members of the Amadeus Quartet for Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1 in G Minor
  • Beaux Arts Trio for Dvořák: Piano Trio in E Minor (Dumky); Mendelssohn: Piano Trio in D Minor
  • Jean-Pierre Rampal, Isaac Stern, Salvatore Accardo, Mstislav Rostropovich for Mozart: The Flute Quartets (K. 285, 285A, 285B, 298)
  • Kronos Quartet for White Man Sleeps (Music by Volans, Ives, Hassell, Coleman, Johnson, Bartók)
[29] 1989 Murray Perahia, Georg Solti, David Corkhill, Evelyn Glennie Bartók: Sonata for 2 Pianos and Precussion; Brahms: Variation on a Theme by Joseph Haydn for 2 Piano
  • Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich for Beethoven: Violin-Piano SOnatas No. 4 in A, Op. 23, and No. 5 in F, Op. 24
  • Guarneri Quartet for Dvořák: String Quartet in F (American Quartet); Smetana: String Quartet in E Minor (From My Life)
  • Kim Kashkashian, Robert Levin for Hindemith: Viola Sonata Op. 11, No. 4; Violin Sonata, Op. 25, No. 4; Violin Sonatas, ’37
  • James Levine, Ensemble Wien-Berlin for Mozart: Quintet in E Flat for Piano and Wings, K. 452; Beethoven: Qunitet in E Flat for Piano and Winds
[30] 1990 Emerson String Quartet Bartók: 6 String Quartets
  • Guarneri Quartet for Beethoven: String Quartets No. 13 in B Flat; Grosse Fuge in B Flat
  • Anne-Sophie Mutter, Mstislav Rostropovich, Bruno Guiranna for Beethoven: String Trios (E Flat, Op. 3 Serenade in D, Op. 8; G, Op. 9, No. 2; C, Op. 9, No. 3)
  • Shlomo Mintz, Yefim Bronfman for Prokofiev: Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 in F Minor and 2 in D
  • Emmanuel Ax, Isaac Stern, Yo-Yo Ma for Shostakovich: Trio No. 2 for Violin, Cello and Piano in E Minor, Op. 67 and Sonata for Cello and Piano in D Minor
[31] 1991 Daniel Barenboim, Itzhak Perlman Brahms: The Three Violin Sonatas [32] 1992 Emanuel Ax, Isaac Stern, Jaime Laredo, Yo-Yo Ma Johannes Brahms: Piano Quartets [33] 1993 Emanuel Ax, Yo-Yo Ma Brahms: Sonatas for Cello and Piano
  • Tokyo String Quartet for Beethoven: The Late String Quartets
  • Isaac Stern, Cho-Liang Lin, Yo-Yo Ma, Sharon Robinson, Jaime Laredo, Michael Tree for Brahms: Sextets, Op. 18 and 36; Theme and Variations
  • Rudolf Firkusny, the Ridge String Quartet for Dvořák: Piano Quintets Op. 81 and Op. 5
  • Carmina Quartet for Szymanowski: String Quartets Nos. 1, Op. 37, and 2, Op. 56; Webern: ‘Langsamer Satz’ for String Quartet
[34] 1994 Emerson String Quartet Ives: String Quartets [35] 1995 Daniel Barenboim, Dale Clevenger, Larry Combs, Daniele Damiano, Hansjorg Schellenberger, Berlin Philharmonic Beethoven/Mozart: Quintets (Chicago-Berlin) [36] 1996 Emanuel Ax, Yo-Yo Ma, Richard Stoltzman Brahms/Beethoven/Mozart: Clarinet Trios [37] 1997 Cleveland Quartet Corigliano: String Quartet [38] 1998 Emerson Quartet Beethoven: The String Quartets
  • Beaux Arts Trio for Beaux Arts Trio Plays Turina, Granados
  • Anne-Sophie Mutter, Lambert Orkis for The Berlin Recital (Words of Brahms, Debussy, Franck, Mozart)
  • Kronos Quartet for Early Music – Lachryma Antiqua (Works of Machaut, Tye, Lamb, Dowland, etc.)
  • Jaime Laredo, Cho-Liang Lin, Yo-Yo Ma, Sharon Robinson, Isaac Stern for Schumann/Boccherini: Quintets
[39] 1999 André Previn, Gil Shaham American Scenes (Works of Copland, Previn, Barber, Gershwin)
  • Takács Quartet for Bartók: The 6 String Quartets
  • Kim Kashkashian, Robert Levin for Brahms: Sonatas for Viola & Piano Nos. 1 & 2
  • Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Saschko Gawriloff, London Winds, Marie-Luise Neunecker, Tabea Zimmerman for Ligeti: Chamber Music (Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano; Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet, Etc.)
  • Kronos Quartet for Schnittke: The Complete String Quartets (Nos. 1, 2, 3, etc.)
[40] 2000 Anne-Sophie Mutter, Lambert Orkis Beethoven: The Violin Sonatas (Nos. 1-3, Op. 12; Nos. 1-3, Op. 30; “Spring” Sonata, etc.) [41] 2001 Emerson String Quartet Shostakovich: The String Quartets [42] 2002 The Angeles String Quartet Haydn: The Complete String Quartets [43] 2003 Takács Quartet Beethoven: String Quartets (“Razumovsky”, Op. 59, 1-3; “Harp”, Op. 74)
  • Mark Dresser, Tara Helen O’Connor, Todd Palmer, St Lawrence String Quartet & Ying Quartet for Golijov: Yiddishbbuk
  • Richard Egarr, Andrew Manze for Handel: Complete Violin Sonatas
  • Martha Argerich, Mischa Maisky for Live In Japan (Chopin, Franck, Debussy)
  • Silke Avenhaus, Macha Deubner, Rosamunde Quartett, Valentin Silvestrov for Silvestrov: Leggiero, Pesante
[44] 2004 Kronos Quartet, Dawn Upshaw Berg: Lyrics Suite [45] 2005 Martha Argerich, Mikhail Pletnev Prokofiev (Arr. Pletnev): Cinderella – Suite for Two Pianos; Ravel: Ma Mère L’Oye [46] 2006 Emerson String Quartet Mendelssohn: The Complete String Quartets [47] 2007 Emerson String Quartet Intimate Voices
  • The Chicago Chamber Musicians for Chamber works for Winds and String by Mozart
  • Andrew Russo, Corey Cerovsek, Steven Heyman for Corigliano: Violin Sonata, Étude Fantasy
  • Martha Argerich and Friends for Martha Argerich and Friends: Live from the Lugano Festival 2005
  • Beaux Arts Trio for Shostakovich: Piano Trios 1 & 2, Seven Romances on Verses by Alexander Blok
[48] 2008 Eighth Blackbird Strange Imaginary Animals [49] 2009 Pacifica Quartet Elliott Carter: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 5 [50] 2010 Emerson Quartet Intimate Letters [51] 2011 Parker Quartet Ligeti: String Quartets Nos. 1 & 2 [52]