List of web browsers for Unix and Unix-like operating systems

Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Source model Status Notes Abaco Custom Custom (Acme-like) Closed source Discontinued For Plan 9 Amaya Custom wxWidgets Closed source Discontinued Also a web page composer tool (HTML editor) Arena Custom Xlib Closed source Discontinued Discontinued testbed for W3C Arora WebKit Qt Open-source Discontinued Basilisk Goanna XUL Open-source Discontinued Basilisk is a fork of Firefox with substantial divergence, especially for add-ons. Beonex Communicator Gecko GTK+ Open-source Discontinued A separate branch of the Mozilla Application Suite Brave Blink GTK Open-source Mozilla Public License, version 2 Camino Gecko Cocoa Open-source Discontinued Formerly called Chimera; Requires Mac OS X Conkeror Gecko XUL Open-source Discontinued Chromium Blink GTK Open-source Close affinity with Google Chrome Dillo Dillo FLTK Open-source Versions prior to 2.0 were built upon GTK+. Dooble Qt WebEngine Qt Open-source BSD License Fifth WebKit FLTK Open-source Aimed at replicating the pre-v15 Opera user experience. Flock Gecko XUL Open-source Discontinued Specialised version of Mozilla Firefox Galeon Gecko GTK+ Open-source Discontinued GNU IceCat Gecko XUL Open-source Rebranded Mozilla Firefox, renamed from Iceweasel Google Chrome Blink GTK Closed source Based on Chromium – Freeware under Google Chrome Terms of Service iCab WebKit Cocoa Closed source Versions prior to 4 used custom layout engine Iceape Gecko XUL Open-source Discontinued Rebranded as SeaMonkey Internet Explorer for Mac Tasman Carbon Closed source Discontinued Using Tasman in version 5 Internet Explorer for UNIX Trident Motif Closed source Discontinued Kazehakase Gecko GTK+ Open-source Discontinued Dormant since 2012 Kirix Strata Gecko wxWidgets Closed source Konqueror KHTML, WebKit Qt Open-source Default web browser for KDE Midori WebKit GTK Open-source Default browser for Xfce Mosaic Custom Motif Closed source Discontinued One of the first web browsers Mozilla Application Suite Gecko XUL Open-source Discontinued Mozilla Firefox Gecko XUL Open-source NetSurf NetSurf GTK, Framebuffer Open-source NetSurf is not tied to any particular UI toolkits. Currently GTK and framebuffer front end implementations exist. For RISC OS, Amiga and others. OmniWeb WebKit Cocoa Closed source Discontinued Using WebKit since version 5.5 Opera Blink Xlib Closed source Opera used its own renderer, Presto, through version 12.XX. Linux versions were suspended when Opera moved to Blink and resumed with version 26. Otter Browser WebKit/Blink (engine) Qt Open-source Aimed at replicating the pre-v15 Opera user experience. Pale Moon Goanna XUL Open-source Pale Moon is a fork of Firefox with substantial divergence, especially for add-ons and user interface. Falkon (QupZilla) Qt WebEngine Qt Open-source Rekonq WebKit Qt Open-source Discontinued Roccat Browser WebKit Cocoa Closed source Safari WebKit Cocoa Closed source SeaMonkey Gecko XUL Open-source Community-developed version of now abandoned Mozilla Application Suite codebase Shiira WebKit Cocoa Open-source Discontinued For Mac OS X only SRWare Iron Blink GTK Open-source Based on Chromium, removes information transfer to third parties such as Google by default Surf WebKitGTK keyboard-driven Open-source Minimalist web browser. Swiftfox Gecko XUL Closed source Discontinued Proprietary optimised build of Mozilla Firefox Swiftweasel Gecko XUL Open-source Discontinued Optimised build of Mozilla Firefox TenFourFox Gecko XUL Open-source PowerPC build of Firefox for Mac OS X tkWWW Custom Tcl Open-source Discontinued Uzbl WebKit GTK+ Open-source Discontinued Follows the Unix philosophy Web (formerly Epiphany) WebKit GTK Open-source Versions prior to 2.27.0 were built upon Gecko Waterfox Gecko XUL Open-source Firefox fork xombrero WebKit GTK+ Open-source Discontinued Renamed from xxxterm; originated from OpenBSD community Web browser Layout engine UI toolkit Source model Status Notes