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The British Quiz Championship (BQC), also termed the British Quizzing Championship, is a quiz competition in the United Kingdom. The current competition has been organised since 2004 by Chris Jones’ and IQA-CEO Jane Allen’s company Quizzing Ltd. Early in 2011 the re-launch of the website saw it rebranded as the home of the British Quiz Association.

Before 2004 there had already been some sort of “British Championship” since 1999 run first only by Trevor Montague then by the British Quiz Association (see that page for champions), but after internal strife and a fall in interest in 2003/2004 (see attendance in the BQA links) the old BQA-management gave up and the only British Quiz Championship now is this one run by Quizzing Ltd.

British Quizzing Championship Roll of Honour since 2004[edit]

Year Venue Winner – Singles Winner – Pairs
2004 Old Trafford Manchester Kevin Ashman Not held
2005 Altrincham Kevin Ashman Not held
2006 Shrewsbury Kevin Ashman Ian Bayley & Pat Gibson
2007 Derby Pat Gibson Gareth Aubrey & Olav Bjortomt
2008 Staveley Sean Carey David Edwards & Nic Paul
2009 Derby Mark Bytheway David Lea & Kathryn Johnson
2010 Derby Pat Gibson David Edwards & Nic Paul
2011 Lichfield Kevin Ashman Pat Gibson & Ian Bayley
2012 Lichfield Jesse Honey David Stainer & Olav Bjortomt
2013 Hilton, Edinburgh, Dublin Kevin Ashman Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson
2014 Rothwell, Edinburgh, Dublin Pat Gibson David Stainer & Olav Bjortomt
2015 Newark, Edinburgh, Dublin Pat Gibson Anne Hegerty & John Wilson
2016 Coventry, Edinburgh Nic Paul Brian Chesney & Jeff Evans
2017 Coventry, Edinburgh Kevin Ashman Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson
2018 Coventry, Edinburgh, London Pat Gibson Not held
2019 Northampton, Edinburgh Paul Sinha Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson
2020 Various Pat Gibson Not held

2004 – Venue Old Trafford Manchester – Winner Kevin Ashman[edit]

The 2004 British Quiz Championship was run in 2004 as part of the World Quizzing Championship – as staged at various worldwide locations, such as Old Trafford Stadium on 3 July 2004),

The 2004 event saw 67 entrants at Old Trafford who were joined, in the international event, by several hundred other Quizzers from countries such as Belgium, Estonia, the Netherlands, India and Malaysia quizzing in places such as Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur.

Both the 2004 British and World events were won by England’s Kevin Ashman.

2005 – Venue Altrincham – Winner Kevin Ashman[edit]

Having won the 2005 MSN Search sponsored World Quizzing Championships on 2 July Kevin Ashman went on to retain his British title later that year.

Position Competitor
1 Kevin Ashman
2 Mark Bytheway
3 John Wilson
4 Barry Simmons
5 Geoff Thomas
6 Pat Gibson
=7 Dag Griffiths
=7 Eric Kilby
=7 Sean Carey
=7 Darren Martin

2006 – Venue Boreatton Park, Shrewsbury – Winner Kevin Ashman[edit]

Kevin Ashman made it a hat-trick of British Championships in 2005. In a field of 41 competitors Ashman won by 21 points from Mark Bytheway and Pat Gibson in joint second position. A full report on the event is available here

Position Competitor
1 Kevin Ashman
=2 Mark Bytheway
=2 Pat Gibson
=4 John Wilson
=4 Olav Bjortomt
6 Mark Labbett
7 Mark Kerr
8 Barbara Thompson
9 Eric Kilby
10 Ian Bayley

2007 – Venue Derby Conference Centre – Winner Pat Gibson[edit]

The absence of the previous winners and runners up for the last two years (Kevin Ashman and Mark Bytheway) left the field wide open. Pat Gibson emerged victorious, adding the British title to the World title he had also taken from Ashman earlier in the year. Gibson’s margin of victory over Bjortomt was 12 points.

Position Competitor
1 Pat Gibson
2 Olav Bjortomt
=3 Mark Labbett
=3 William De’Ath
5 Eric Kilby
6 Nic Paul
=7 Chris Quinn
=7 Ian Bayley
=7 Mark Kerr
=7 John Wilson

A full report is available here

2008 – Venue Staveley – Winner Sean Carey[edit]

A field of 61 competitors including Kevin Ashman (3 time British Champion, past World and European Champion), Mark Bytheway (2008 World Quiz Champion), Pat Gibson (2007 World and British Champion) met at Staveley in Derbyshire. With such a strong field of competitors it was perhaps a surprise that it was Sean Carey who took the title, beating second placed Kevin Ashman by 8 points. Ranked 19th before the start of the event, Carey is the lowest ranked competitor to win the British title, and the first person from outside the top 3. That said, he was likely ranked lower than he ought to have been on account of his not being able to attend as many ranking events as his peers. When he has competed in Grands Prix he has typically been placed in the top 10 of finishers.

Position Competitor
1 Sean Carey
2 Kevin Ashman
3 Mark Bytheway
4 Pat Gibson
5 Nic Paul
=6 Alan Gibbs
=6 John Wilson
=6 Olav Bjortomt
=9 Chris Quinn
=9 Dave Edwards
=9 Mark Labbett

2009 – Venue Derby Conference Centre – Winner Mark Bytheway[edit]

All the big players were in attendance for this one, including every former winner of the title. For the first time ever the event had to be settled on a tie-break, Kevin Ashman and Mark Bytheway being neck-and-neck, 8 points ahead of Pat Gibson in third place. Reference was had to the players’ discarded scores (both in Sport & Games) with Bytheway emerging victorious by a margin of one point (170 to 169 out of 240). Byethway’s achievement was well received by the field of 62, not least because he is still recovering from surgery undertaken after he was struck with a life-threatening illness. Kevin Ashman was typically magnanimous in defeat. He now holds ‘just’ the World and European individual titles!

Position Competitor
1 Mark Bytheway
2 Kevin Ashman
3 Pat Gibson
4 Chris Quinn
5 Jesse Honey
6 Sean Carey
7 Mark Kerr
8 John Wilson
9 Nic Paul
10 Ian Bayley

There was a first in the Pairs event, Kathryn Johnson partnering David Lea to a win. In so doing she becomes the first woman to hold a Championship title on the UK quiz circuit. Like the Individual event, the Pairs saw a tie, which had to be decided on ‘countback’. The unlucky Pair who finished as runners-up were Chris Quinn and Mark Kerr.

2010 – Venue Derby Conference Centre – Winner Pat Gibson[edit]

Pat Gibson regained the title he first won in 2007 and was the first to get his hands on the new Mark Bytheway Trophy, named in memory of last year’s winner who died in July 2010. The trophy is to be inscribed with the names of former winners. This year’s questions were written by former (BQA/Montague era) champion, John Wilson (since 2006 they have been composed by’s principal setter Chris Jones).

Position Competitor
1 Pat Gibson
2 Kevin Ashman
3 Jesse Honey
4 Olav Bjortomt
5 Barry Simmons
6 Nic Paul
7 Dag Griffiths
8 Ian Bayley
9 David Stainer
10 Sean Carey

In the Pairs event, 2008 winners David Edwards and Nic Paul became the first duo to regain the title. Second place went to Jesse Honey & Sean Carey and third to Kevin Ashman & Pat Gibson.

2011 – Venue Cathedral Lodge Hotel, Lichfield – Winner Kevin Ashman[edit]

John Wilson again wrote the questions for the individual championship, which for the first time was held in 2 venues, the main one in Lichfield but with some players taking part in a venue in Normandy.
Kevin Ashman won with a score of 158 out of a maximum 210, a full 24 points ahead of defending champion Pat Gibson.

Position Competitor
1 Kevin Ashman
2 Pat Gibson
3 Ian Bayley
4 Olav Bjortomt
5 Eric Wildsmith
6 Sean Carey
7 Phil Smith
8 David Hesp
9 Alan Gibbs
10 Peter Watson

In the Pairs event, Ian Bayley and Pat Gibson repeated their win of 2006.

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