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The Karting World Championship is a kart racing competition organised by the CIK-FIA. It is held annually since 1964, and is karting’s flagship event. The FIA (International Automobile Federation) created the CIK (International Karting Commission) in 1962.

The first two World Championships in 1964 and 1965 were held over one final round, there after the world’s best kart drivers competed for the title over an extended weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, including free and qualifying practice sessions, qualification heats, a pre-final and a final were common. From 2011 the championship has been disputed over five rounds, each of them in a different country.[1] From 2014 the world championships returned to a single event with one venue each year organizing the CIK-FIA OK and OK Junior World Championships in one weekend and another venue in a different weekend holding the CIK-FIA KZ World Championships together with the CIK-FIA KZ2 Super Cup and the third and final round of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy.[2] There is a separate CIK-FIA Endurance Championship, normally held each year at Le Mans, France, and there are separate Continental Championships like the CIK-FIA European Championships (OK, OK junior, KZ, KZ2 and Superkart) and the CIK-FIA Asia Pacific Championships. In 1968 CIK-FIA launched the first World Cup for Juniors.

Kart racing 1963 in Berlin

World Championship Karting Categories[edit]

In the 80s (from 1981 – 1989) the World Championship was raced with 135 cc Formula K karts. Before and after that period 100 cc direct-drive karts was the prevailing standard. In 2007, a change in regulations introduced the KF1 category carts, 125 cc karts equipped with electric starters, clutch and rpm limiters set at 16000 rpm, to replace the Formula A karts. The 2010 edition was raced with KF2 karts where the engine rpm is limited at 15000 rpm.[3]

The FIA Karting categories at the world championships are now divided into three main families: direct-drive karts, gearbox karts and Superkarts. All these karts have the technology in common of the 2-stroke engine. Since 2016 the new generation of Original Karts (OK) machines have taken over from the old KF engines. The top category OK at the World Championships is available for drivers from 14 years old in the year they participate. The OK Junior category is aimed at drivers aged between 12 and 14 years old. The gearbox categories KZ and KZ2 share the same specification except for chassis and brakes which are open in the KZ World Championship. The Superkart category is the most unusual discipline of Karting because it can only express itself fully on long racing tracks. With its complete bodywork and twin-cylinder 250 cc engines, developing nearly 100 hp (75 kW), these Superkarts are capable of extraordinary performances.

Karting Promotion[edit]

In 2013 for the first time in its history CIK-FIA called a promoter, WSK Promotion, to perfect the organisation of the major international karting competitions.
The Swiss RGMMC Group is now the Official Promoter of the FIA Karting European and World Championships for the period of 2018-2020 (with the exception of Superkart and Endurance). They try increasing the audience for Karting Competitions worldwide, attracting new partners and working closely with ASNs (National Federations), these are the priorities of RGMMC Group. They also develop the communication and media coverage of the events by providing live video viewing during the events and by partnering with Motorsport.tv for broadcast around the world.

FIA Karting World Champions (Direct Drive & Primary Category)[edit]

Year Driver Chassis Engine Tyre Second place Third place Location Class Stroke
1964 Italy Guido Sala Tecno Parilla Carlisle Italy Ugo Cancellieri Italy Oscar Constantini Italy Pista d’Oro-Roma Kart 100 cc
1965 Italy Guido Sala Tecno BM Carlisle Germany Werner Ihle Netherlands Antoine Hezemans Italy Pista d’Oro-Roma Kart 100 cc
1966 Italy Susanna Raganelli Tecno Parilla Carlisle Sweden L. Engeström Sweden Ronnie Peterson Denmark Copenhagen Kart 100 cc
1967 Switzerland Edgardo Rossi Birel Parilla Carlisle Belgium François Goldstein Italy Giulio Pernigotti 3-venue series

Switzerland Vevey, GermanyDüsseldorf & Monaco Circuit de Monaco

Kart 100 cc
1968 Sweden Tomas Nilsson Robardie BM Carlisle Italy Giulio Pernigotti United Kingdom Mickey Allen 3-venue series

Switzerland Vevey, Italy Jesolo & United Kingdom Hoddesdon

Kart 100 cc
1969 Belgium François Goldstein Robardie Parilla Carlisle United Kingdom Mickey Allen United Kingdom G. Fletcher 3-venue series

Switzerland Vevey, United Kingdom Hoddesdon & France Villacoublay

Kart 100 cc
1970 Belgium François Goldstein Robardie Parilla Carlisle United Kingdom David Ferris South Africa Carl-Heinz Peters France Thiverval-Grignon Kart 100 cc
1971 Belgium François Goldstein Taifun Parilla G South Africa Carl-Heinz Peters United Kingdom Mickey Allen Italy Turin Kart 100 cc
1972 Belgium François Goldstein Taifun Parilla G Germany Helmut Brandhofer United Kingdom Mark Steeds Sweden Kalmar Kart 100 cc
1973 United Kingdom Terry Fullerton Birel Komet G Switzerland Erik Hagenbuch South Africa Carl-Heinz Peters Belgium Nivelles-Baulers Kart 100 cc
1974 Italy Riccardo Patrese Birel Komet G United States Eddie Cheever, Jr. Belgium François Goldstein Portugal Autódromo do Estoril Kart 100 cc
1975 Belgium François Goldstein BM BM G Italy Elio de Angelis United Kingdom Alan Lane France Paul Ricard Kart 100 cc
1976 Italy Felice Rovelli BM BM 4Stars Sweden Leif Larsson Germany Martin Bott Germany Hagen Kart 100 cc
1977 Italy Felice Rovelli BM BM B United Kingdom Mickey Allen Sweden Leif Larsson Italy Parma Kart 100 cc
1978 United States Lake Speed Birel Parilla B Austria Toni Zoersel Sweden Lars Forsman France Le Mans Kart 100 cc
1979 Netherlands Peter Koene Dap Dap D Brazil Ayrton Senna Netherlands Harm Schurmann Portugal Autódromo do Estoril Kart 100 cc
1980 Netherlands Peter De Bruijn Swiss Hutless Parilla B Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom Terry Fullerton Belgium Nivelles-Baulers Kart 100 cc
1981 United Kingdom Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Sweden Lars Forsman Italy Ruggero Melgrati Italy Parma Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1982 United Kingdom Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Sweden Lars Forsman Sweden Thomas Danielsson Sweden Kalmar Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1983 United Kingdom Mike Wilson[4] Birel Komet D Sweden Lars Forsman France Marc Boulineau France Le Mans Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1984 Denmark Jorn Haase Kali Komet D Italy Giuseppe Bugatti Sweden Lars Forsman Germany Liedolsheim Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1985 United Kingdom Mike Wilson Birel Komet D Italy Giuseppe Bugatti Denmark Jörn Haase Italy Parma Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1986 Brazil Augusto Ribas Birel Komet D United States Ken Kroeger United States Jason Kennedy United States Jacksonville Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1987 Italy Giampiero Simoni PCR PCR B Denmark Tom Kristensen Italy Maurizio Mediani Italy Jesolo Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1988 United Kingdom Mike Wilson CRG Komet D Italy Giampiero Simoni Italy Maurizio Mediani France Laval Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1989 United Kingdom Mike Wilson CRG Komet D Italy Fabrizio de Simone Belgium Marc Goossens France Valence Formula K (FK) 135 cc
1990 Denmark Jan Magnussen CRG Rotax B Italy Fabrizio de Simone Belgium Alain Corbiau Italy Jesolo Formula K (FK) 100 cc
1991 Italy Jarno Trulli Allkart Parilla D Italy Massimiliano Orsini Denmark Kenneth Kristensen France Le Mans Formula K (FK) 100 cc
1992 Italy Danilo Rossi CRG Rotax D Italy Alessandro Manetti Switzerland Max Busslinger Italy Ugento Formula K (FK) 100 cc
1993 Italy Nicola Gianniberti Haase Rotax D Italy Jarno Trulli Italy Massimiliano Orsini France Laval Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1994 Italy Alessandro Manetti CRG Rotax Vega Belgium Guy de Nies Italy Daniele Parrilla Argentina Córdoba Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1995 Italy Max Orsini Swiss Hutless Italsistem B Italy Davide Forè Sweden Johnny Mislijevic France Valence Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1996 Sweden Johnny Mislijevic Tony Kart Vortex B Japan Takao Matsuya Italy Alessandro Manetti Italy Lonato Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1997 Italy Danilo Rossi CRG CRG D Italy Alessandro Manetti Italy Giorgio Pantano France Salbris Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1998 Italy Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B Italy Massimiliano Orsini Italy Sauro Cesetti Italy Ugento Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
1999 Italy Danilo Rossi CRG CRG D Italy Ronnie Quintarelli Italy Giorgio Pantano Belgium Mariembourg Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
2000 Italy Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B France Franck Perera Finland Heikki Kovalainen Portugal Braga Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
2001 Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi CRG Maxter B Italy Sauro Cesetti Italy Davide Forè 5-venue series Canada Montreal, France Salbris, Italy Sarno, Belgium Mariembourg & Germany Kerpen[5] Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
2002 Netherlands Giedo van der Garde CRG Maxter B Italy Ronnie Quintarelli Italy Davide Forè 5-venue series Belgium Mariembourg, Finland Alahärmä, Portugal Braga, France Salbris & Italy La Conca[6] Formula Super A (FSA) 100 cc
2003 New Zealand Wade Cunningham CRG Maxter B France Arnaud Kozlinski United Kingdom Ben Hanley Italy Sarno Formula A (FA) 100 cc
2004 Italy Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B France Arnaud Kozlinski Netherlands Bas Lammers Italy La Conca Formula A (FA) 100 cc
2005 United Kingdom Oliver Oakes Gillard Parilla B United Kingdom Jon Lancaster Italy Davide Forè Portugal Braga Formula A (FA) 100 cc
2006 Italy Davide Forè Tony Kart Vortex B Denmark Michael Christensen Italy Sauro Cesetti France Angerville Formula A (FA) 100 cc
2007 Italy Marco Ardigò[7] Tony Kart Vortex B United Kingdom Gary Catt Denmark Nikolaj Bollingtoft Belgium Mariembourg KF1 125 cc
2008 Italy Marco Ardigò[8] Tony Kart Vortex B Czech Republic Libor Toman United Kingdom Gary Catt Italy La Conca KF1 125 cc
2009 France Arnaud Kozlinski[9] CRG Maxter B Finland Aaro Vainio United Kingdom Ben Hanley Macau Macau Super KF (SKF) 125 cc
2010 Netherlands Nyck de Vries[10] Zanardi Parilla D United Kingdom Jordan Chamberlain Denmark Nicolaj Møller Madsen Spain Zuera KF2 125 cc
2011 Netherlands Nyck de Vries Zanardi Parilla B Thailand Alexander Albon Italy Flavio Camponeschi 5-venue series Germany Wackersdorf, Spain Zuera,

Belgium Genk, Italy Sarno & JapanSuzuka

KF1 125 cc
2012 Italy Flavio Camponeschi Tony Kart Vortex B United Kingdom Tom Joyner Italy Felice Tiene 2-venue series

JapanSuzuka & MacauMacau

KF1 125 cc
2013 United Kingdom Tom Joyner[11] Zanardi IAME Vega United Kingdom Ben Hanley Netherlands Max Verstappen 2-venue series United KingdomBrandon & BahrainBahrain KF 125 cc
2014 United Kingdom Lando Norris[12] FA Kart Vortex D Russia Nikita Mazepin India Jehan Daruvala France Essay KF 125 cc
2015 Poland Karol Basz Kosmic Vortex Vega United Kingdom Jordon Lennox-Lamb Denmark Nicklas Nielsen Italy La Conca KF 125 cc
2016 Spain Pedro Hiltbrand Aguilar CRG Parilla Vega Poland Karol Basz Italy Felice Tiene Bahrain Sakhir OK 125 cc
2017 United Kingdom Danny Keirle Zanardi Parilla LeCont Spain David Vidales Finland Juho Valtanen United Kingdom Brandon OK 125 cc
2018 Italy Lorenzo Travisanutto Kart Republic Parilla B Germany Hannes Janker Italy Luigi Coluccio Sweden Kristianstad OK 125 cc
2019 Italy Lorenzo Travisanutto Kart Republic Parilla LeCont United Kingdom Taylor Barnard United Kingdom Harry Thompson Finland Alahärmä OK 125 cc
2020 United Kingdom Callum Bradshaw Tony Kart Vortex LeCont United Kingdom Joe Turney Spain Pedro Hiltbrand Aguilar Portugal Portimão OK 125 cc
2021 Finland Tuukka Taponen Tony Kart Vortex MG Italy Luigi Coluccio United Kingdom Arvid Lindblad Spain Campillos OK 125 cc

125 Gearbox FIA Karting World Champions and World Cup Winners[edit]

(*) indicates the years the World Championships were held as a World Cup

Note: World Championship status from 1983 to 2000, and from 2012 onwards.
World Cup status from 2003 onwards till 2012

Junior World Champions & Junior World Cup winners[edit]

(*) indicates the years the event status was as a World Cup and not FIA World Championship

(**) Note: From 1992 – 1996 the Junior World Championships were held as the CIK-FIA Five Continents Cup Junior A

Secondary Classes World Champions[edit]

CIK-FIA Karting International Supercup[edit]

Formula A World Champions[edit]

Formula E SuperKart World Champions[edit]


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