Subsidiaries and affiliates of TotalEnergies

As of 31 December 2013 Total S.A. (now TotalEnergies) had 898 subsidiaries consolidated into the group results, together with significant affiliate investments and joint ventures, mostly in LPG. In addition Total had other significant equity holdings amounting to about 3bn euros, treated as investments and was involved in a number of significant joint ventures, mostly relating to LPG and LNG exploration, production and shipping. The joint ventures that are treated as subsidiaries are listed in the consolidated subsidiary section.[1]

Note: “E&P” stands for “exploration and production”.

Main consolidated subsidiaries[edit]

  1. Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Ltd (5.00%), United Arab Emirates
  2. Air Total International S.A., Switzerland
  3. Amyris Inc. (17.88%), United States
  4. Angola Block 14 B.V. (50.01%), Netherlands (operating in Angola)
  5. Angola LNG Limited (13.60%), Bermuda (operating in Angola)
  6. AS 24, France
  7. Atlantic Trading & Marketing Inc., United States
  8. Atotech (China) Chemicals Ltd
  9. Atotech B.V., Netherlands
  10. Atotech Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  11. Atotech Taiwan
  12. BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC (40.00%), United States
  13. Bostik Holding S.A., France
  14. Bostik Inc., United States
  15. Bostik Ltd, United Kingdom
  16. Bostik S.A., France
  17. Brass Holdings Company Limited, Luxembourg
  18. Brass LNG Ltd (17.00%), Nigeria
  19. Compagnie Pétrolière de l’Ouest – CPO, France
  20. Cos-Mar Company (50.00%), United States
  21. Cosden LLC, United States
  22. Cray Valley USA LLC, United States
  23. CSSA – Chartering and Shipping Services S.A., Switzerland
  24. Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co. Ltd (WEPEC) (22.41%), China
  25. Dolphin Energy Limited (24.50%), United Arab Emirates
  26. E. F. Oil And Gas Limited, United Kingdom
  27. Elf Aquitaine, France
  28. Elf Aquitaine Fertilisants, France
  29. Elf Aquitaine Inc., United States
  30. Elf Exploration Production, France
  31. Elf Exploration UK Limited, United Kingdom
  32. Elf Petroleum Iran, France (operating in Iran)
  33. Elf Petroleum UK Limited, United Kingdom
  34. Gaz Transport & Technigaz S.A.S. (30.00%), France
  35. Grande Paroisse S.A., France
  36. Hutchinson Argentina S.A.
  37. Hutchinson Autopartes De Mexico SA.DE. CV
  38. Hutchinson Corporation, United States
  39. Hutchinson Do Brasil S.A., Brazil
  40. Hutchinson GmbH, Germany
  41. Hutchinson Poland SP Z.O.O.
  42. Hutchinson S.A., France
  43. Ichthys LNG PTY Ltd (30.00%), Australia
  44. Legacy Site Services LLC, United States
  45. LSS Funding Inc., United States
  46. Naphtachimie (50.00%), France
  47. Nigeria LNG Ltd (15.00%)
  48. Novatek (16.96%), Russia
  49. Oman LNG LLC (5.54%)
  50. Omnium Reinsurance Company S.A., Switzerland
  51. Paulstra SNC, France
  52. PetroCedeño (30.32%), Venezuela
  53. Qatar Liquefied Gas Company Limited (II) Train B (16.70%)
  54. Qatar Petrochemical Company Q.S.C. (QAPCO) (20.00%)
  55. Qatargas Liquefied Gas Company Limited (10.00%)
  56. Qatofin Company Limited (49.09%), Qatar
  57. Samsung Total Petrochemicals Co. Ltd (50.00%), South Korea
  58. Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company (37.50%), Saudi Arabia
  59. Shtokman Development AG (25.00%), Switzerland (operating in Russia)
  60. Sigmakalon Group B.V., Netherlands
  61. SOCAP S.A.S., France
  62. Société Anonyme de la Raffinerie des Antilles (50.00%), France
  63. Société Civile Immobilière CB2, France
  64. SOFAX Banque, France
  65. SunPower Corporation (64.65%), United States
  66. TOTAL (BTC) S.A.R.L., Luxembourg
  67. TOTAL Énergie Développement, France
  68. TOTAL Énergie Gaz, France
  69. TOTAL Énergies Nouvelles Activités USA, France
  70. TOTAL Austral, France (operating in Argentina)
  71. TOTAL Belgium
  72. TOTAL Capital, France
  73. TOTAL Capital Canada Ltd
  74. TOTAL Capital International, France
  75. TOTAL China Investment Co. Ltd
  76. TOTAL Coal South Africa (PTY) Ltd
  77. TOTAL Colombia Pipeline, France (operating in Colombia)
  78. TOTAL Delaware Inc., United States
  79. TOTAL Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  80. TOTAL Dolphin Midstream Limited, Bermuda
  81. TOTAL Downstream UK PLC, United Kingdom
  82. Total E&P Absheron B.V., Netherlands (operating in Azerbaijan)
  83. Total E&P Algerie, France (operating in Algeria)
  84. Total E&P Angola, France (operating in Angola)
  85. Total E&P Angola Block 15 / 06 Limited, Bermuda (operating in Angola)
  86. Total E&P Angola Block 17 / 06, France (operating in Angola)
  87. Total E&P Angola Block 25, France (operating in Angola)
  88. Total E&P Angola Block 32, France (operating in Angola)
  89. Total E&P Angola Block 33, France (operating in Angola)
  90. Total E&P Angola Block 39, France (operating in Angola)
  91. Total E&P Angola Block 40, France (operating in Angola)
  92. Total E&P Arctic Russia, France
  93. Total E&P Australia, France (operating in Australia)
  94. Total E&P Australia II, France (operating in Australia)
  95. Total E&P Australia III, France (operating in Australia)
  96. Total E&P Azerbaijan B.V., Netherlands (operating in Azerbaijan)
  97. Total E&P Bolivie, France (operating in Bolivia)
  98. Total E&P Borneo B.V., Netherlands (operating in Brunei)
  99. Total E&P Bulgaria B.V., The Netherlands (operating in Bulgaria)
  100. Total E&P Canada Ltd
  101. Total E&P Chine, France (operating in China)
  102. Total E&P Colombie, France (operating in Colombia)
  103. Total E&P Congo (85.00%)
  104. Total E&P Cyprus B.V., The Netherlands (operating in Cyprus)
  105. Total E&P Do Brasil LTDA, Brazil
  106. Total E&P Dolphin Upstream Limited, Bermuda (operating in Qatar)
  107. Total E&P France
  108. Total E&P Golfe Holdings Limited, Bermuda
  109. Total E&P Golfe Limited, United Arab (operating in Emirates Qatar)
  110. Total E&P Guyane Francaise, France
  111. Total E&P Holdings, France
  112. Total E&P Ichthys, France (operating in Australia)
  113. Total E&P Ichthys B.V., Netherlands (operating in Australia)
  114. Total E&P Indonesia West Papua, France (operating in Indonesia)
  115. Total E&P Indonesie, France (operating in Indonesia)
  116. Total E&P Iraq, France (operating in Iraq)
  117. Total E&P Italia, Italy
  118. Total E&P Kazakhstan, France (operating in Kazakhstan)
  119. Total E&P Kenya B.V., Netherlands (operating in Kenya)
  120. Total E&P Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Harir) B.V., Netherlands (operating in Iraq)
  121. Total E&P Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Safen) B.V., Netherlands (operating in Iraq)
  122. Total E&P Libye, France (operating in Libya)
  123. Total E&P Madagascar, France (operating in Madagascar)
  124. Total E&P Malaysia, France (operating in Malaysia)
  125. Total E&P Maroc, France (operating in Morocco)
  126. Total E&P Mauritanie, France (operating in Mauritania)
  127. Total E&P Mauritanie Block TA29 B.V., Netherlands (operating in Mauritania)
  128. Total E&P Mozambique B.V., Netherlands (operating in Mozambique)
  129. Total E&P Myanmar, France (operating in Myanmar)
  130. Total E&P Nederland B.V., Netherlands
  131. Total E&P Nigeria Deepwater D Limited
  132. Total E&P Nigeria Deepwater E Limited
  133. Total E&P Nigeria Ltd
  134. Total E&P Norge AS, Norway
  135. Total E&P Oman, France (operating in Oman)
  136. Total E&P Qatar, France (operating in Qatar)
  137. Total E&P Russie, France (operating in Russia)
  138. Total E&P South Africa B.V., Netherlands (operating in South Africa)
  139. Total E&P South East Mahakam, France (operating in Indonesia)
  140. Total E&P Syrie, France (operating in Syria)
  141. Total E&P Thailand, France (operating in Thailand)
  142. Total E&P Uganda B.V., Netherlands (operating in Uganda)
  143. Total E&P UK Limited, United Kingdom
  144. Total E&P Uruguay B.V., Netherlands (operating in Uruguay)
  145. Total E&P USA Inc., United States
  146. Total E&P Vietnam, France (operating in Vietnam)
  147. Total E&P Yamal, France
  148. Total E&P Yemen, France (operating in Yemen)
  149. TOTAL Especialidades Argentina
  150. TOTAL Exploration M’Bridge B.V., Netherlands (operating in Angola)
  151. TOTAL Exploration Production Nigeria, France
  152. TOTAL Finance, France
  153. TOTAL Finance Exploitation, France
  154. TOTAL Finance Global Services S.A., Belgium
  155. TOTAL Finance USA Inc., United States
  156. TOTAL Funding Nederland B.V., Netherlands
  157. TOTAL Gabon (58.28%)
  158. TOTAL Gas & Power Actifs Industriels, France
  159. TOTAL Gas & Power Limited, United Kingdom
  160. TOTAL Gas & Power North America Inc., United States
  161. TOTAL Gasandes, France
  162. TOTAL Gaz & Électricité Holdings France
  163. TOTAL Gestion Filiales, France
  164. TOTAL Gestion USA, France
  165. TOTAL GLNG Australia, France (operating in Australia)
  166. TOTAL Guinea Ecuatorial (80.00%), Equatorial Guinea
  167. TOTAL Holding Asie, France
  168. TOTAL Holding Dolphin Amont Limited, Bermuda
  169. TOTAL Holdings EUROPE, France
  170. TOTAL Holdings International B.V., Netherlands
  171. TOTAL Holdings Nederland B.V., Netherlands
  172. TOTAL Holdings UK Limited, United Kingdom
  173. TOTAL Holdings USA Inc., United States
  174. TOTAL International NV, Netherlands
  175. TOTAL Kenya (93.96%)
  176. TOTAL Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd, United Kingdom
  177. TOTAL LNG Angola, France
  178. TOTAL LNG Nigeria Ltd, Bermuda
  179. TOTAL Lubrifiants (99.98%), France
  180. TOTAL Marketing Middle East Free Zone, United Arab Emirates
  181. TOTAL Marketing Services, France
  182. TOTAL Maroc, Morocco
  183. TOTAL Midstream Holdings UK Limited, United Kingdom
  184. TOTAL Mineraloel Und Chemie GmbH, Germany
  185. TOTAL Oil And Gas South America, France
  186. TOTAL Oil And Gas Venezuela B.V., Netherlands (operating in Venezuela)
  187. TOTAL Oil Turkiye AS, Turkey
  188. TOTAL Olefins Antwerp, Belgium
  189. TOTAL Outre-Mer, France
  190. TOTAL Participations Pétrolières Gabon
  191. TOTAL Petrochemicals & Refining S.A. / NV, Belgium
  192. TOTAL Petrochemicals & Refining USA Inc., United States
  193. TOTAL Petrochemicals France
  194. TOTAL Petroleum Angola, France (operating in Angola)
  195. TOTAL Profils Pétroliers, France
  196. TOTAL Qatar Oil And Gas, France
  197. TOTAL Raffinaderij Antwerpen NV, Belgium
  198. TOTAL Raffinage Chimie, France
  199. TOTAL Raffinage France
  200. TOTAL Raffinerie Mitteldeutschland GmbH, Germany
  201. TOTAL S.A., France
  202. TOTAL Shtokman B.V., Netherlands
  203. TOTAL South Africa (PTY) Ltd (50.10%)
  204. TOTAL Specialties USA Inc., United States
  205. TOTAL Treasury, France
  206. TOTAL UK Finance Ltd, United Kingdom
  207. TOTAL UK Limited, United Kingdom
  208. TOTAL Upstream Nigeria Limited
  209. TOTAL Upstream UK Limited, United Kingdom
  210. TOTAL Venezuela, France
  211. TOTAL Vostok, Russia
  212. TOTAL Yemen LNG Company Limited, Bermuda
  213. TotalErg SPA (49.00%), Italy
  214. TOTSA Total Oil Trading S.A., Switzerland
  215. Yamal LNG (33.59%), Russia
  216. Yemen LNG Company Ltd (39.62%), Bermuda (operating in Yemen)
  217. Zeeland Refinery N.V. (55.00%), Netherlands