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Region Certification Certified units/Sales

*Chứng nhận dựa theo doanh số tiêu thụ
^Chứng nhận dựa theo doanh số nhập hàng
xChưa rõ ràng

50px|link=|alt=Hình tượng tài liệu Tài liệu bản mẫu[xem] [sửa] [lịch sử] [làm tươi]

This set of templates is used for creating certification tables for albums, singles, etc.

The table includes either two or three columns depending on the variable format. If format=3col, the default value, the columns are region, award, and the amount sold/shipped for the certification. If format=2col or format=2colthin, the columns are region and award. In the latter case the region column uses a thinner form.

For format=3col, the bottom template displays footnotes about the source of sales/shipments/unspecified figures. To suppress one of the lines, set a value to the following parameters:

  • nosales - will not display the sales footnote
  • noshipments - will not display the shipments footnote
  • streaming - will include the footnote on streaming

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